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One of the things I hate the most about the sex positive movement is this irrational, iron-hard insistence on severing any relationship between sex & love/intimacy. There’s just so much focus on how to fuck & how to get off & the biggest problem for these people is not being ashamed about it. You can’t talk about the pressure to participate in hookup culture or male entitlement to casual sex with women without sex pox idiots screeching about “slut shaming.” It’s exhausting. God forbid we acknowledge that having sex actually affects you emotionally, that someone treating your body like a toy to play with & cast aside when they’re bored is potentially deeply hurtful & psychologically distressing. But nah, if you even suggest that being in a loving relationship enriches sex, you’re a grim, conservative puritan brainwashed by religious prudery. Sex pozzies want to introduce BDSM in sex education & encourage teenagers to watch porn because tying up & beating your partner (& being unashamed!!!) is more important than stupid love & feelings. Sex pozzies are garbage & I hate them all.

Relieving The Tension

Characters: Reader, Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mild angst, SMUTTY SMUTT, fluff, NSFW

Word Count: 1,100

Summary: Tension has been building between you and Dean lately. Finally you lose it and blow up. SMUTTY SMUT ensues.

“Just fuck me already, Dean! Anything to break this damn tension,” you screamed at him. The heat between the two of you had been building for months, and you couldn’t ignore it anymore.

You stood there shocked not able to believe the words that had just slipped out of your mouth. You ran your hands through your hair nervously as you gaged Dean’s reaction.

He had a look of disbelief on his face as a sly grin creeped up to replace his shock. He was slowly closing the gap between the two of you. You could see the words he was struggling to get out forming on his full lips.

You just wanted to take that bottom lip between your teeth and tug, drawing out a groan you knew would come from him if you only had the chance. God, Y/N stop thinking about it, you told yourself as you attempted to calm your breathing.

Before you realized it, Dean’s chest was pressed up against yours. You wondered if he could feel your heart tying to beat out of your damn chest. He placed his hands behind your head, gently lifting your face to his. He was closing the gap between the two of you when he stopped just as he grazed your lips. Your breath hitched as he breathed into your mouth, hot, heavy, shaking breaths.

“Are you sure this is what you want Y/N? Because God knows it’s all I’ve been able to think about for months,” he said his green eyes sparkling.

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The Blackthorns carving Jack-o’-lanterns

Emma: Gets super competitive and tries to carve the best looking one.

Julian: Chooses to paint his instead of carving it. It ends up having an all too familiar face on it with brown eyes and golden hair so he freaks out and hides it before anyone notices.

Kit: Rolls his eyes at this dumb activity for “kids” but secretly loves it and tries to beat Emma.

Ty: Lists all the interesting facts that he learned about pumpkins on his computer beforehand while carving and gets to caught up in examining the inside of his pumpkin to finish. Kit ends up finishing it for him but that’s ok because it’s another chance to beat Emma.

Livvy: Gags and complains at how awful the pumpkin insides smell and somehow talks Julian into cleaning it out for her.

Dru: Tries to carve the scariest face on her pumpkin and puts all the gooey insides aside to use in a prank on Livvy later.

Tavvy: Gets too caught up in playing in the big pile of everyone’s squishy pumpkin filling to actually carve one.

Cristina: Carves a beautiful rose into hers and spends the rest of the time encouraging everyone else when they get frustrated.

Mark: Names everyone’s Jack-O’-lanterns after they’re done and gives them all unique personalities. Chastises anyone who refuses to call them by their names for being impolite.

Kieran: Doesn’t understand the point of any of this and thinks all humans are absolutely crazy. Refuses to even acknowledge the Jack-o’-lanterns at all much to Mark’s disapproval and remarks of “how rude.”

Fluff Friday Rusted

(I’m super late and super sorry)

“I’ve never seen a synthetic rusted over before.”

Sakura drew up the bottom of her face scarf and narrowed her eyes over the edge. “That’s because they don’t. This one’s been damaged and parts have been replaced with subpar metal works.”

Kain didn’t draw up her face scarf but let it flap under her chin, unbothered by the grains of granting sand that occasionally would fly her way. It was windy in the Country of Wind, but not that windy. “He must have been terrible if someone chose to patch him up like that instead of take him to an Industry facility.”

Sakura looked over at her friends with tired eyes. “Don’t joke.”

Karin scratched at the corner of her skin. “They have to have something here they could use.”

“Not since their open rebellion against the Country of Fire. Here’s a bite of history for you if integrating is truly something you want, when our enemies tried to bring us down we made sure they couldn’t stand up again. In retaliation my father’s units raised the lands and destroyed all advanced technologies. It’s taken them years to scrape together this much.”

“I thought your teammate and the new Wind Leader are friends. Isn’t Naruto gonna do something about this then?”

Sakura didn’t answer right away. They were standing across the street in the market while the rest of the world flowed around them like fish in a current. She was still staring at the red haired synthetic unit with the one bad arm made out of metal and rust that likely wasn’t even connected to any rural circuitry. From the elbow down it was an ugly sight that reminded her a little too well of her own war scars.

The androids face found her and didn’t look away. Parts of him were ugly and rusted, but he had the face of an angel.

She was crossing the street before she knew what she was doing. The seller wrapped up in ugly tan rags smiled through the folds to see her approach and jumped in front of his unit to snag her attention. “Only the finest for exotic beauties such as yourself, pretty lady. Behold the sweet spices of a desert land.” He then went off of a rave about the different spices that would cure her love life, bring her fertility, stimulate her acuity, heal a sore throat, and keep her young. Suna was nothing if not sexist at its core.

The redhead watched her without blinking the entire time Either he lacked the emotional intelligence that synthetics were famous for, or he knew he was being unsettling and didn’t care. It was hard to place his year or model, since he seemed so customized.

“It smells.”

Karin’s voice broke into Sakura’s senses and she turned to see her friend working the seller with her usual routine. When bartering, Karin didn’t bother to try and hide the fact that she had money, but complimented it with a disdain that managed to middle prices down to suit her needs.

“Is there truly something here you might need?” Sakura sighed, walking over to stand behind Karin’s shoulder and look out to the market road.

“I’m looking, such,” Karin playfully hissed, smacking her friend lightly. Sakura let her. It was all part of the act. After a few minutes of haggling Karin managed to get a price she liked for the tea spices that was a deal to both parties.

The man was scooping the dried spices into a silk bag for her when he looked to Sakura and asked, “And what does your heart desire?”

Sakura was about to tell him goodbye or maybe just walk away, but the glint of light on gold metal made her stop. “I want that AMD chip around your neck.”

She had said it so casually he didn’t miss a beat tying up the silk bag, but once the words registered his hands stopped. Slowly, greedy little eyes looked up to her and she knew he was willing to sell.

“Oh, that will cost you.”

“I’m sure it will, but you’re over pricing the hunk of junk if he’s already missing visible parts. Do you even know his make and model?”

“He’s pre war, but not by much. He was part of the last line we ever put out, the most advanced!”

Sakura studied the synthetic carefully, tilting her head to one side and playing up her inspection. She let her eyes run over his form and then trail away as if she had seen all of him and found herself wanting. “That may be the case, but that was an entire generation ago. We’ve made leaps and bounds in technology since then. What was his designation?”

“He was a custom model.”

Karin snickered behind Sakura. “With a face like that he was probably a love model.”

Sakura wanted to roll her eyes. He had a pretty face, but he was way too stern and unnerving for such sensitive work.

“You don’t have a certificate of imprint?” Sakura asked, glancing to the chip on a chain around the man’s neck.

“Don’t need one. He needs this and it’s just as good if you’ve got it on you.” The old man grinned wide. “So, what’s he worth to you.”

“Probably not what you want or him considering the models we can get back in our country.”

Karin huffed, “You mean the models you can get. Some of us still don’t pass the bar exam yet.”

Owning synthetics in the Land of Fire was rare due to the fact that only specific, qualified individuals could keep them. Sakura was highly qualified in her position so close to the Hokage, but she had never taken one for herself.  Last she checked, she qualified for a total of four units, but that was many months ago. It might have gone up again.

“He’s not built with the silly safeguards you’re so insistent on. He’s from the golden age in the golden country,” the man went on. “He’s worth 1,000,000 ryō to me.”

“I’m sure he is, but that’s what we get paid for S Class missions and you must think too highly of me for that. I’ll do…sixty for him.”

“You insult me.”

It begun and between the two of them the back and forth banter last a total of fifteen minutes with plenty of pro and cons being thrown out all while the unit sat, without speaking or moving. Finally Sakura got him down to 85 and that was only after she pulled out that much money and showed it to him. That was a lot of money to be carrying around in Suna and  it might have made him think her foolish for it, if not for the fact that she equated his price with an S Class Mission. That factoid had flavored the tone of negotiations favorably for her.

He took the money greedily and handed over the card. “Have fun.”

Sakura held onto the chip and looked up at the unit. He still didn’t blink. “What’s your name?” she asked.

It was a heartbeat later before he answered. “Sasori of the Red Sand.”

“Sasori, it’s nice to meet you. Will you come with me now?”


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the beach is such a ridic episode like we have ty lee staring at azula the entire time like she’s the fucking sun. ty lee interrupting azula to say that she should be worshipped. ty lee staring at azula’s butt. ty lee beating up a bunch of guys and then going str8 to azula. azula saying something mean and then taking it back as soon as ty lee looks upset and then GRABBING TY LEE SO GENTLY AROUND THE WRIST TO MAKE SURE SHE’S OKAY. azula looking at ty lee while she’s crying like she’s in PAIN and then her wiping the look off her face as soon as ty lee turns to stare at her and then in the final picture im o sure that azula’s hand is a lil too low on ty lee’s back.

like how ridiculous. what fucking losers.

ty “i like parties but only when i can stare at my gf the whole time” lee


princess “im low key hella upset when ty lee gets upset” azula

i can’t believe this.