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One of the things I hate the most about the sex positive movement is this irrational, iron-hard insistence on severing any relationship between sex & love/intimacy. There’s just so much focus on how to fuck & how to get off & the biggest problem for these people is not being ashamed about it. You can’t talk about the pressure to participate in hookup culture or male entitlement to casual sex with women without sex pox idiots screeching about “slut shaming.” It’s exhausting. God forbid we acknowledge that having sex actually affects you emotionally, that someone treating your body like a toy to play with & cast aside when they’re bored is potentially deeply hurtful & psychologically distressing. But nah, if you even suggest that being in a loving relationship enriches sex, you’re a grim, conservative puritan brainwashed by religious prudery. Sex pozzies want to introduce BDSM in sex education & encourage teenagers to watch porn because tying up & beating your partner (& being unashamed!!!) is more important than stupid love & feelings. Sex pozzies are garbage & I hate them all.

Relieving The Tension

Characters: Reader, Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mild angst, SMUTTY SMUTT, fluff, NSFW

Word Count: 1,100

Summary: Tension has been building between you and Dean lately. Finally you lose it and blow up. SMUTTY SMUT ensues.

“Just fuck me already, Dean! Anything to break this damn tension,” you screamed at him. The heat between the two of you had been building for months, and you couldn’t ignore it anymore.

You stood there shocked not able to believe the words that had just slipped out of your mouth. You ran your hands through your hair nervously as you gaged Dean’s reaction.

He had a look of disbelief on his face as a sly grin creeped up to replace his shock. He was slowly closing the gap between the two of you. You could see the words he was struggling to get out forming on his full lips.

You just wanted to take that bottom lip between your teeth and tug, drawing out a groan you knew would come from him if you only had the chance. God, Y/N stop thinking about it, you told yourself as you attempted to calm your breathing.

Before you realized it, Dean’s chest was pressed up against yours. You wondered if he could feel your heart tying to beat out of your damn chest. He placed his hands behind your head, gently lifting your face to his. He was closing the gap between the two of you when he stopped just as he grazed your lips. Your breath hitched as he breathed into your mouth, hot, heavy, shaking breaths.

“Are you sure this is what you want Y/N? Because God knows it’s all I’ve been able to think about for months,” he said his green eyes sparkling.

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the beach is such a ridic episode like we have ty lee staring at azula the entire time like she’s the fucking sun. ty lee interrupting azula to say that she should be worshipped. ty lee staring at azula’s butt. ty lee beating up a bunch of guys and then going str8 to azula. azula saying something mean and then taking it back as soon as ty lee looks upset and then GRABBING TY LEE SO GENTLY AROUND THE WRIST TO MAKE SURE SHE’S OKAY. azula looking at ty lee while she’s crying like she’s in PAIN and then her wiping the look off her face as soon as ty lee turns to stare at her and then in the final picture im o sure that azula’s hand is a lil too low on ty lee’s back.

like how ridiculous. what fucking losers.

ty “i like parties but only when i can stare at my gf the whole time” lee


princess “im low key hella upset when ty lee gets upset” azula

i can’t believe this.