ty all ily k

mmph yeah hello i hit 4k last night and i thought i’d make a follow forever to celebrate and yeah these are just some of my favourite blogs that i always love seeing on my dash and i just wanted to thank you all for making my dash a cheerful place to be and yeah
if im perfectly honest with y'all i never thought i’d hit 100 followers so this means a lot to me idk if i can express that enough bc i remember when i first started using photoshop i literally had no idea wtf i was doing and assumed it would be another hobby that i kept up for about a week and then dropped, but hey ho im still here deliverin shitty gifs to ur dashboard so thank you for sticking around whilst i do that i love you all ok you are all v good followers
and another special thankyou to all the friends i’ve made on here (u know who u are) you all brighten my life and make me smile and yeah just stay cool friends youre all rad ok