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I see many people are assuming that baby Borden is going to follow in Amy’s footsteps because she’s a girl. We’re gonna need A LOT more seasons or a huge time jump to know if that’s true. Babies don’t really do much besides eat, sleep, and poop for quite a while. I doubt we’re going to see anything regarding her future beyond her name for a while. It will likely be more about Ty and Amy and how they balance their careers with parenthood. If we do ever get to see anything about her future, I think it would be cool if she loved motorcycles AND animals like her dad. Girls tend to be have their dad’s wrapped around their little finger too so it would be interesting to see Ty struggling to not spoil her. If Merlin is any indication, he’s gonna be total sucker for her.

I think, the big “problem” is that the writers wants every character to have their own thing going on & if they don’t, they just aren’t in the episode. But, some characters have to be around, so they feel they have to give them something.

If Georgie wasn’t in 1018, it would have been really weird. But instead of just “having her around”, they felt she needed her own last storyline. There wasn’t much for to do, so they gave her the Ghost story.

I get that they wanted most of the episode to focus on Ty & Amy (who didn’t?), so even Georgie’s story (trying to tame tame ghost) was connected to them.

IMHO, though, she could have been just as involved in episode, but without being involved with Ghost. At least, not as much. I would have been fine with the first scene & even Georgie suggesting taming Ghost, if it had stopped there. It was nice, I think, to get that little nod back to season 2, as they told her how Amy had already tried. But then, Georgie should have listened. Then, the rest of the episode, she could have been seen just helping Amy out, helping with Katie (who unfortunately, instead, was MIA), or… oh I don’t know, spending time with her dad who was in town for a short visit.

I hope in s11 we get more “daily life” drama & emotion, as opposed to “over the top” stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love “over the top” stuff, when done right. (The plane crash in s3? Amy’s blindness in s7? Great episodes!) But, if they do those… they need to have a point and carry over into other episodes and cause actual character growth. (Are Tim, Amy, or Georgie any different after 1009/1010? Aside from some bad dreams?)

Now that they have the baby there are so many opportunities for emotional episodes, that don’t have to be over the top. Baby’s “firsts” = happy emotions. Sleepless nights, disagreements, sick baby, messy diapers at a bad time or in a bad place= unhappy emotions. Trying to balance life and learning how to be parents and working as a team and loving and caring for the baby, no matter what = the very formula for character growth.

Plus, again, I’d love to see Ty’s time in Mongolia & his near-death experience having long term effects on him (both positive & negative).

So, whatever my point was, this is how I feel 🙃

Greater Expectations- SEASON FINALE review


Heartland 10x18 Review- SEASON FINALE!

Overall, I thought this episode.. and season in general was “whelming”. Not overwhelming, not underwhelming… just, what I thought. Some things pleasantly surprised me and some things disappointed me. This season just wasn’t what I thought it’d be when I found out Amy and Ty were expecting. That’s all.

Basically put, I enjoyed the end results of the storylines but how they got there is where I have some quarrels. In some ways, the journey makes the destination so much more worthwhile.  Anyways.

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“I’d never admit this outside of this confession b/c I feel like I’d be attacked for it, but I wish this tick attack would actually end in Ty dying. There’s a great umbrella story in Amy picking up the pieces, with the support of her family, and, tbh, 10, even though I’ve enjoyed most of it, has left me realizing that there’s not many great stories left for this show as is. “