txty post

i wish they’d picked someone else to be natasha romanova. i wish they had casted wonder woman differently. i wish i didn’t have to feel shitty every time i show support for the cinematic versions of these characters because it feels like supporting the people playing them.

want an amazing black widow movie. natasha romanova is such an important character to me, because she is about agency, about choosing for herself, about protecting other women. i want her stories, i want little girls to know about her and dress up as her because she’s their hero, i want it as much as anyone here. i want wonder woman to succeed; she’s one of the biggest characters in the comic book world, and deservedly so. and yet. yet.

can't support this. some people want to separate the actresses from the characters they’re playing but i can’t. i can’t do that, i don’t have that luxury when the things they support are destroying so many lives and i’m just. i can’t.