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Smol. Smol enough to V O R E

michael runs off to find @ask-tiny-rich and pulls him off to the side.
he whispers something to him.

m: hey rich? i know i’m usually a nice person but could you maybe launch this person into the fucking sun for me thanks

NAT videos , TXTs and JPGs on Ian’s laptop.

Melissa - Alison - Bin - nat final 65 - hm11c (hanna marin?) - am17uc (aria montgomery 17 uncut?) - nat10 comp final mv12f (mona vanderwaal?) 

Garrett - dbs sat - tc08 (toby cavanaugh?) - raw 14 - [*txt] jm27!! (jenna marshall?) - JENNA & TOBY - MIX 9 - efbdrm (emily fields bedroom?)

mashup5 - [jpg] hm-sh comp (hanna marin-spencer hastings?) - blowup mv (mona vanderwaal) - nat final 82 - raw - NATf - nr02 - [html] bbt 

spp cut - cuts - sh04uc (spencer hastings 04 uncut?) - am13x! (aria montgomery?) - NATcut90 

In this same episode, 4x24, Alison says that these videos/files gave her dirt on everyone she had suspected to be “A” - Clearly we see all 4 girls initials, as well as Toby’s, Jenna’s and Mona’s, but where is Byron’s dirt she had on him? Also who else could the other videos be of that she had suspected. Hmm..

Call for submissions

Terrain Zine is a safe space for victims and survivors of sexual trauma to map and navigate the terrains of said trauma through written and visual art forms. While this project was undertaken with the intent of seeking support from and fostering empathy with other survivors, thus bringing us all a sense of collective closure, I realize from personal experience that some wounds refuse to close. Ergo, this is a place for festering as much as it is for healing.

This is a call for submissions with an October 26th deadline and a November 1st publication date.

The following submissions will be accepted:

    • Poetry
    • Personal essays
    • Short fiction
    • Short non-fiction
    • Self-care routines, tutorials, and advice
    • Dissections of rape culture in media
    • Photography and photo journals*
    • Illustrations*
    • Drawings*
    • Paintings*
    • Collages*
    • Digital art*

    If anything falls outside of those categories, send it anyway for review. Please send your submissions (maximum of 3 per person) to terrainzine@gmail.com in .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .png, .jpg, or .jpeg format. Max 5,000 words for written submissions, max 4 images for visuals. While not mandatory, feel free to include a short bio and artists’ statement. The subject line of your email should include title, author/artist/pseudonym, and type of submission. In the body of your email, please let me know which category you think your submission(s) best fall into. Submissions may also be made anonymously–if you opt for anonymity, please specify in the title and body of your email. Submissions are unpaid, however anyone whose submission is published will receive a free printed copy of their issue.

    *In case anyone wants a physical copy, visual arts will be compiled in color in the online circulation, but will be black and white in print, or available in color at a slightly higher price.

    As curator, I rescind the right to gate-keep the definition of survival. If you are constantly asking yourself whether or not you are a survivor, then you are welcome to submit as well. Needless to say, this is not the place for voyeurism. If you do not identify as a survivor or are not questioning, please refrain from submitting, and instead pass this along to someone who needs it. Obviously, this entire project comes with a huge trigger warning. Shout out to everyone who supported me in creating a much-needed space for survivors to express themselves and be heard.