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kid: mom, why is my cousin named diamond
me: because your aunt loves diamonds
kid: what about me?
me: enough questions, Wolf 359 Season 3 Episode 34: A Matter Of Perspective

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oh!!! i just was?? lookin thru ur blog and thinking of honey and also detergent pods and sometimes when i go to county fairs there's these honey sticks? and theyre like little plastic straws sealed on both ends and full of honey (u can get different flavors too) and when u bite down on it and pop it (to open one of the ends so the honey can come out) its so so so good and it kind of reminds me of detergent pods a little ^^"

You mean these??

That’s perfect!!! I’ve never had one, but it looks like it would feel exactly like biting into a long, narrow detergent pod!! :O I guess you can’t eat the plastic, but the popping sensation would be spot-on!! It reminds me of what someone said a while back about filling a plastic pouch with pudding or jelly, and biting that, except these are sealed like detergent pods are!

You can buy them here, with a bunch of different flavors like you said!

(this is…so good;; I’m gonna have to rb this again tomorrow just to make sure more people see lol)


This is kinda random and out of the blue, but I ordered this thinking it was a tangle jr, but it ended up being a huge one!! It’s great, but it’s a little too big for my tastes, so would anyone be interested if I maybe did a giveaway for it?

 EDIT: actually I’m about to hit 5k, so maybe I’ll do a celebratory 5k giveaway and add some more things too!

EDIT 3/03/17: I made a list of everything that’s gonna be included in the giveaway here! I’m still waiting until I physically have everything to start the giveaway, so it probably won’t be for another few weeks or so, but that way at least I’m guaranteed to have everything together before a winner is chosen! ^^