New official SU CN previews roundup

Off Menu |  Steven orders off menu from his favorite Fry Stand.

Pizza Dream |  Steven dreams that he’s floating peacefully above a giant pizza - until things take a turn for the weird(er).

MC Bear-Bear |  Steven discovers his healing spit power has returned when he repairs a tear on his favorite stuffed animal, “MC Bear-Bear.”

Surprise! |  Steven leads Lapis Lazuli to the end of a dock for a big surprise. Unfortunately, Lapis isn’t as thrilled about it as Steven and Greg had hoped.

Sing Me |  When Steven finds out that his dad has worked at the Car Wash for 15 years, he begs Greg not to tell him, but to “sing him” the history behind how he got the job all those years ago.

CN Anything previews:

Steven’s Summer Adventure sneak peak

guys I’m making one of those cake in a mug things but I’m too lazy to follow a recipe so I’m just throwing a bunch of random ingredients in. wish me luck!!

Listen, please stop drawing my son Nicaise in flimsy, skimpy clothes. He was probably as covered as any Veretian courtier, except for jewelry and painting, that Damen thinks he’s some Lord’s child when he first saw Nicaise.

Give him clothes, cover him up, give him a fluffy blanket and hot cocoa and some nice food he can eat with a spoon for everyone’s safety. Don’t over sexualize my precious boy.