Giorno and Dio go to MacDondald

Good Things about “The Ghost Monument”

  • The new title screen/opening credits are so bad, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. They really nail that mid-twentieth-century sci-fi aesthetic.
  • When Ryan says, “They can’t be dead,” and you can tell that he’s thinking “not them, too, not more loss, not so soon.” I love Tosin Cole’s acting.
  • I love the Star Wars vibes, especially from Epzo and Angstrom. Angstrom is absolutely fantastic, she’s such a stock sci-fi character, but she’s one with a cool look and a lot of emotional resonance.
  • The (almost) first shot we get of the Doctor this episode, and she’s yelling at Epzo, spouting technobabble in a Yorkshire accent like… there she is! That’s her! That’s my Doctor!
  • “They’ll be writing operas about our pointless deaths if we don’t take drastic action right now.”
  • “Pythagoras never wore shades.” “You obviously never saw him with a hangover.”
  • The little moments of showcasing Ryan’s disability, like when he’s the last one down the sand dune because it takes him that much more effort and concentration or his comment about ladders.
  • Graham being freaked out by the medi-pod implants, in part because they remind him of the genetic bombs from last episode. I think it’s neat to see a companion disturbed by the conventions of society, even if those conventions are theoretically progressive, like installing a universal translator (without having consent for the procedure).
  • The absolute love with which the Doctor looks at even a hologram of her TARDIS… the Doctor’s wife, indeed. And later in the episode, the expression on her face as she sees it again, when it materializes for real. Jodie Whittaker’s acting is so good there.
  • Ryan figuring out that it wasn’t an engine, it was a battery, even after he himself said he probably couldn’t figure out a space engine. He’s better (smarter, stronger, more capable) than he gives himself credit for, and one of the best (and probably, to Ryan, most annoying things) about Graham is that Graham never stops reminding him of that.
  • Yaz’s family sounds cool, I hope we get to meet them. I really like how both Yasmin and Graham are good at connecting to people, but Graham does it by dispensing advice and Yaz does it by listening.
  • Ryan’s “Call of Duty” moment- is it overdone? Yes. Is it fun anyway? Yes.
  • I love the Doctor’s asymmetrical earrings because it’s this pretty, feminine touch but still done in a way that flouts convention.
  • When Ryan says, “Thanks for waiting,” and Yasmin replies, “Always,” like she wouldn’t even think about not waiting because they’re friends, they’re teammates, and that’s the decent thing to do.
  • The Doctor is kind- to Ryan, and Graham, and Yasmin, and Angstrom- but that doesn’t translate to nice, and it doesn’t stop her from being rightfully dismissive of Epzo and his entire life philosophy.
  • The hints towards a longer arc have me intrigued- the setting up of The Stenza as recurring villains, the mention of the “Timeless Child.”
  • “You’ve redecorated… I really like it.” is such a subtle callback but also so powerful and I, too, really like the new design.

Hey don’t think about Asra coming home after you died of the plague.

Don’t think of him opening the door and starting to say that he’s sorry and he misses you.

Don’t think of him finding nothing but silence in return.

Finding out that you’re not home and the dust shows you haven’t been home for a long time.

Don’t think of him believing you’d left and asking anyone if they knew where you were.

Don’t think of him being told you’d been taken to The Lazaret weeks, maybe months, ago.

Else don’t think of him being told Julian apprenticed you and finding him alone, with you no where in sight. Being told you were gone, missing, taken, dead.

Don’t think of him running through the city towards the docks.

Don’t think of him going across the water as fast as he can because maybe there’s a chance.

Don’t think of him looking through the people there, hoping for your eyes or hair and coming up with nothing.

Don’t think of him using the compass to find your ashes on the beach and digging until the sun is gone and the sand is stained red.

Don’t think of him cutting himself on your bones.


I get upset when I find out some of my followers are TERFs and yeah it’s partially because I hate TERFs and it pisses me off, but the main reason I get upset about it is because it means I haven’t done a good enough job at making it clear that this is a trans inclusive blog and accidentally allowed TERFs to feel comfortable here :/