There was a peaceful protest on my campus today in response to some vile actions that occurred yesterday, and I had plenty of time between my classes. I’m really happy to be here, this is such a kind and inclusive space and I never thought I’d be able to find such an open space outside of the Internet, and so close to home too ✨

Some assholes revealed themselves throughout the protest but it was all handled relatively calmly, and there were some very well-spoken and well meaning people, especially a veteran who came out and said some really meaningful words.

Edit: it’s important to note that this was started by an LGBT+ student org called LAMBDA, and was headed by a transgender student and a nonbinary student, and later with the help of Transcend (a transgender organization), and Hombres Unidos.
Please read if you go to Texas State

Hi, my Name is Celica and I am a freshman at Texas State University. Lately I have become more and more depressed over the fact that I just have not made any friends in college and I’ll tell you why… to start off first impression I may seem a bit weird or idk if I look mean or whatever but I really can be a nice person. I have join ritmo latino but I sometimes cant make the practices because of homework so I didnt really make friends in that organization. I had a roommate but she had her own life going on, I have suitemates but their intrests in life are completely different things I just cant agree with and I have a boyfriend but he’s 2 hours away., and in my art classes im able to talk to some people but majority of them are way older than me and live off campus. So every single day I eat breakfast alone,lunch alone, dinner alone. There has been days where im too scared to go to lbj by myself that I even order pizza hut,which I did 3 times in one week. Like I said, I keep thinking just one day I’ll find some friends but I just don’t. I would try to talk to people but then ill never see them again or I get this gut feeling like I am bothering them. Everyday I try to hold in my tears so I wont seem so pathetic because Im just boohooing about not having friends. I go back to my hometown every single weekend because of the fact that I dont have friends at texas state. Then my parents would put together all these fun ,big things, and tell me “you know invite all your college friends!” Or say things like “oh you dont have to hang with us ,just hang out with your friends” and I just feel like a loser because in my head im just thinking “I dont have any friends dad” but college life was great to him and its like he cant comprehend why Im dreading college so much. Now I love texas state its self but me not being socialable has been ruining my life and experience. Ive gotten to the point where I would get so depressed that I would just skip classes like nothing, and when I would go home I would cry because of the fact that I had to go back to school. I know I should feel grateful and all that crap but college feels like prison without anyone to talk to. And then when I do finally get to talk to someone I talk forever but it is just because I have so much to say since no one really speaks to me. Back home I have my boyfriend and my best friend and all I want to do is talk to them and hangout but then my family wants to spend time with me too and I feel like a bitch if I dont hang out with my family but after being in “college prison” for so long I just want to spend time with my boyfriend or bestfriend. So since last night and this morning I have been crying because the whole weekend I havent been able to spend more time than i wanted with my boyfriend because I had to things like drive my brother around and wait for my boyfriend to finish working or come from class and today Im going back to school and im told I wont be able to see him and it makes me so upset because he is like my outlet from everything I hold in. So now I know this whole not having any friends thing is really fucking with my head and my life and I just keep feeling more and more like a loser. So if you ever see me out there on campus, in the quad, or eating alone at lbj, please just talk to me, because it would mean alot because I have become very weak and as you can tell I am more fragile than ever right now. I cried the whole time while typing this. Just please this is the last thing I could think of.