During Flint and Silver’s final confrontation in the jungle, I feel like they are talking about their pasts as well as their immediate present. They absolutely cannot and do not separate the two. Especially Silver.


A good example of this link is when Flint says ‘I know you cannot see what must be’ - and that’s him just saying I’m a big picture guy and you’re incapable of seeing it clearly at the moment, and Silver immediately responds with ‘This is a partnership only as far as it serves you, it must happen your way on your terms.’

And I want to remind you of episode 201, when Silver endangers the plan to steal the Spanish Man o’ War because he tries to grab the boatswain’s whistle. The guy wakes up, and Flint has to kill him in the hammock. And Flint’s furious until Silver makes his case. Afterwards, he is still inexplicably furious.

And Silver says, angrily, ‘We are both better off than we were two minutes ago and yet you’re angry about it because it didn’t happen your way.’


Your way. Your terms. This sentiment was there from the beginning, Silver suspected this about Flint from the very beginning.

So what I find interesting about this conversation in the jungle is - it can be looked at in two ways. One, as dealing solely with issues of the present. The cache, the war, Madi. But I feel like it’s actually one of those arguments that families, close friends, or couples - people who are really tied to one another - have all the time. They’re talking about something in the now, but they’re bringing up every single past issue and beef that they have ever had.

They are both speaking in their pasts, as well as in their present. They are looking at two points at the same time. This argument goes back months, perhaps years. That’s why it’s so charged, and that’s why it escalates. Silver has likely been holding onto this resentment and suspicion forever.

—  Fathoms Deep 409, on Silver and Flint’s final conversation in the jungle


Oh, but they are a misandrist and self-dxx’d themselves with DID or something and claim they literally share a body with Clarisse from the original Percy Jackson series. Not kin, they literally think they switch personalities between themselves and a fictional character but sometimes the fictional character pretends to be them anyways. They’re a literal adult and apparently believe this fully. Tbh nah they’re a pretty gross and all around cringeworthy person, like it’s nice of OP to assume the best of them but nah


409 isn’t flint vs silver. it’s silver, hunting flint, and flint turning around and refusing to fucking fight him. not for anything. not for the fucking world.  

even as silver stands there, sword drawn, about to kill him, 409 is flint digging his heels in and telling silver, “i trust you, please remember that you trust me, too.” 

james flint’s last, big, desperate plan, is to fucking surrender to john silver. 

  • me: i love angry characters who hate themselves!!!!!! just the way that they [clenches fist] ruin everything good in their lives bc they're so full of rage!!! love em!!!!!!!!! idk why!!!!
  • someone: ...... maybe its because you ... relate to them ??
  • me:
  • someone:
  • me: anyway,, its a mystery!!!!

concept; black sails ends with flint dying. silver narrating the story of captain flint’s last moments in a voice-over. how bloody it was. how brutal. the most feared pirate in all of creation, defeated in the final battle for a prize of unimaginable value.

six men lay dead on the forest ground as silver speaks. (joji is not one of them.)

cut to a final shot; a pan up from a pair of boots, walking on a dusty road. it comes to rest on a dead man’s face, squinting under the savannah sun, mouth covered by a balaclava. he pulls the cloth off to reveal that he’s smiling. and he’s looking at the man he loves.

4x09 summary

flint @ silver: 

silver: something obviously terrible and harrowing and horrifying and degrading enough to explain my crippling trust and self-esteem issues but like, im totally over it my dude so wHATEVER LETS NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN 

flint: uh ok. i guess now i can rest easy knowing that those issues will never get in the way of our friendship 

five seconds later: (silver’s trust issues get in the way of LITERALLY EVERYTHING)

  • me: thinks about james and thomas off on some small peach farm somewhere, sitting in the sun & happy, trying to be, rebuilding their lives together, growing old(er) together
  • me: wow ok this couldn't get more emotional for me
  • me: thinks about james growing his hair out again (a few grey strands in the red, finally) and thomas running his hands through it