txf s8

au where instead of inviting a bunch of rando women to scully’s baby shower, maggie instead recruits everyone she knows her daughter associates with. what results is a super awkward baby shower where skinner, doggett, reyes, the gunmen, and mulder sit in scully’s living room staring at each other while maggie fusses over scully, and scully tries not to laugh

Invocation-Redrum Interlude (three drabbles)


She tries not to think about the date as it approaches.

Three months. That’s how long she was missing, six years ago. And even though she believes the circumstances of Mulder’s disappearance are not the same as hers, even though she tells herself there is absolutely no reason to think the time frame is significant, she cannot help the way her eyes keep tracking to the calendar, the way her stomach twists constantly for a week beforehand, the way she jumps every time the phone rings.

The day comes, then passes. Then a week, then two.

But he doesn’t return.


On his birthday, she calls in sick because she cannot stop crying.

She blames the hormones; it’s the only explanation that makes sense. This isn’t like her at all. She wants to bury herself in work, the way she did when her father died, when Missy died, when Emily… but she cannot get enough traction to make it out of bed, let alone out of the apartment.

She holds it together on the phone just long enough to tell Skinner she’s not coming in. He probably guesses why anyway, but she hangs up before he has a chance to ask.


Thanksgiving feels hollow this year.

In truth, there is much she should be thankful for. A healthy pregnancy that wasn’t even supposed to be possible. The fact that, somewhat inexplicably, she is still showing so little that she’s able to continue hiding that pregnancy. She is able to work, and, more often than not, she is able to accept the reality of Mulder’s absence. To carry on despite it.

Still, her heart is just not in it when she wishes Doggett a “Happy Thanksgiving” as they leave work Wednesday afternoon, and the words sound disingenuous even to her own ear.

i need to Shut Up but this is all i wanted out of post-deadalive: for mulder and scully to hug a lot because they’re so happy that they’re back together, and scully helping mulder with his trauma because she remembers what it’s like, and scully telling mulder about the cases she worked while he was gone and him being a little jealous of doggett at first but eventually realizing that doggett really helped scully through this and thanking him. i want scully telling mulder about the baby, i want them holding hands in bed and talking about baby names, i want them mending their relationship and dealing with their trauma together.

the x-files s8 and i dont quite see eye to eye but i really do love so much about it.

i re-watched within/without today and the image of scully alone in the desert with a flashlight, searching for mulder, the way it calls back to s3, it just punches me in the feels every time.

the fact that back in s3 scully says to mulder, “they’re afraid of you. Of your relentlessness. And because they know that they could drop you in the middle of the desert and tell you the truth is out there and you’d ask them for a shovel.”

but that is her, literally and figuratively. it always has been, but in s8 with mulder gone, tptb are just able to see that in her more clearly.