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Tipsy Challenge!

“The only credentials I have is that I’m the only pilot willing to fly you up there. You don’t like those credentials… walk.”

Scully, Mulder and Dr. Murphy move to follow the pilot toward his plane. Dr. Hodge, however, shakes his head; he’s glowering and looks on the verge of raising a fuss. His associate, Dr. DaSilva, stands frozen, and Scully looks up at Mulder, eyebrows raised.

“You know, I forgot to pack my snowshoes,” Mulder says lightly. “I think I’ll take my chances with… what did he say his name was? Bear?”

Hodge seems like he’s going to argue, but then he scowls and stalks off instead, muttering under his breath. DaSilva, hurries to follow, and Dr. Murphy heads off after them, chuckling. Scully watches them go, waiting for them to be far enough away to be out of earshot.

“He’s a bit intense,” she murmurs, and Mulder shrugs.

“Maybe he’s just nervous. You know, he’s not wrong. The whole We’re not who we are thing is kind of…”


He grins, then, and she feels her cheeks warm despite the chill outside. “I was going to say unnerving, but yeah. Spooky works too.”

She nods toward the plane, where the others are already loading their gear. “We’d better catch up.”

To say the plane is small would be an understatement. The thing is tiny. Once they’re settled on-board, Mulder’s half in her seat, his long legs accordioned uncomfortably in front of him. Across the aisle, Hodge and DaSilva are paired up, and Murphy’s sitting up front with Bear.

“Sorry, Scully,” Mulder says, shifting in his seat and trying to find a comfortable position. “Looks like we’re just going to have to be extra friendly for the next hour or so.”

She tries to act as though she’s unaffected by being this close to him. As though she hasn’t been sneaking glances at the bits of collarbone visible now that he’s taken off his coat. He’s her partner, and this is hardly the first time she’s seen him out of a suit, but still.

She swears it’s not intentional when, once they’re airborne and hit a pocket of turbulence, her hand ends up clutching his thigh (taut and strong beneath his jeans, she can’t help noticing). She tells herself it’s out of her control when (as he inevitably does) he nods off halfway through the flight and the entire left side of his body ends up pressed against the entire right side of hers. It would be mean to wake him. She doesn’t need to feel at all guilty about the fact that she basically ends up cuddling with him until their (rather bumpy) landing at Icy Cape.

Desperately Seeking FanFic

Okay, so there is this fanfiction that I’ve been trying to find for literally ages. 

It goes like this:

There is a guy (maybe in the FBI?) who kinda likes the amazing Dana Katherine Scully (who doesn’t, amirite??) but he doesn’t really think she’ll say yes if he asks her out, so he makes up an excuse to get her on a lunch date saying he needs help on a case or something. Only, he doesn’t realize how much of a team she and Mulder are, so she asks him (mulder) to come along with her. Shes kinda like, if you really want help with a paranormal thing, MULDER is actually the person you want, not me. And this guy is all internally groaning like how did I not realize this would happen?

She shows up before Mulder does, and like orders him a hamburger with extra fries (that she can steal off his plate), and a Root Beer (because inside jokes). And when Mulder shows up they’re all their professional-but-somehow-obviously-closer-than-partners selves and guy-that-likes-Scully is like, welp, guess the rumors are true. I have NO chance.

and that’s it. Except it’s written REALLY well, and I love it… and I’ve been looking for it for like a YEAR at least. Please help!


If found please send to ME. Reward in the amount of eternal servitude and 1 billion virtual hugs.

Thank you. 




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What a week it has been! What a month in fact (because that’s how long ago I started this recap). Ice is one of my favourite early episodes which explains why this is longer than the combined beards of ZZ Top. Someone teach me self control? Please?

Go under the cut at your own peril, here there be worms.

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