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What a week it has been! What a month in fact (because that’s how long ago I started this recap). Ice is one of my favourite early episodes which explains why this is longer than the combined beards of ZZ Top. Someone teach me self control? Please?

Go under the cut at your own peril, here there be worms.

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Editor’s Pick Wednesday

We love a good stake-out fic.  That probably stems from that if-there’s-an-iced-tea-in-that-bag tête-à-tête from Tooms that has become one of the most iconic scenes in MSR history: Tight quarters for hours on end, low murmured voices, unintentional slips that maybe reveal more than either had anticipated, you get the idea.  Today’s fic is a quick read that takes place post-Arcadia.  The banter is on point and the conversation is one we wish would have actually taken place.  

Title:  The Third

Author:  Susanne Barringer

Rating:  PG

Length:  8K / 4,000+ word count

Synopsis:   Mulder and Scully, a car, a late night, lots of conversation, iced tea. 

Spoilers:  Through Arcadia

Possible Triggers:  None