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My daughter asked me if she could borrow some DVDs and I dug them out, and then she asked me which ones she should watch, I think we watched a few of them together a few years ago. It occurred to me that there will be a point when my boys will find out about the show, they are seven and five, and it will be so much fun to share it with them.
—  Gillian Anderson (on her children watching The X Files)

“The banter continued at their Comic Con panel, where David told the audience that he sometimes signs his emails to Gillian as ‘Mulder’. And fans screamed when he gallantly draped his jacket over the chilly Anderson’s shoulders and left it there for the rest of the panel. Every glance, touch, and saucy comment was punctuated by wry smiles that tell us that these two know what they’re doing. Whether the rumors are true or not, we’re pretty sure fans would be happy if the third movie were just a 90-minute version of this PG-13 Mulder/Scully conversation they improvised for the Comic Con audience.”

Hollywood. com, October 2013