8. Stay

 Firstly, before I write anything else, I just want to apologise for being so MIA this last month. I went home for Christmas on then 18th of December and on the 23rd I was taken into hospital after my doctor saw me and sent me on my way to the hospital with a note saying that i needed to be seen asap because of a suspected appendicitis. My appendix was then removed and I was in hospital over Christmas and was finally discharged on the 27th. I would have been discharged earlier, but just before surgery my appendix actually burst which meant that i had to be kept in for observation longer which sucked, but the good thing is that i now have a cool story to tell and no longer have an organ in my body that spent a few days trying to kill me. This mean that any writing I had planned for the Christmas season was not able to be written. However, I was able to churn out one piece which I hope you all liked.

That’s enough from me, I hope you enjoy this little piece of writing.

- Tx

EDIT: I wrote a little part 2 if anyone was interested. Its called ‘Better Than Red

“Goodnight!” You heard Harry shout through his microphone as he bid the audience farewell and bounced off stage. You were waiting backstage along with Jeff and the rest of Harry team. You had watched Harry skip from one side of the stage to another numerous times that night as he belted out songs along with the audience who were shouting along at a deafening volume. You, of course were dancing around back stage with Harry’s team, who were enjoying your company while Harry did his thing onstage. 

As Harry came into view, the group suddenly came out with multiple ‘good show, man!’s and ‘nice one’ and then Mary with ‘Alright into the dressing room, need to get these washed for another show’ and she guided him into a hallway which was lined with doors to dressing rooms. He turned to look at you, and nodded his head to indicate that he wanted you to follow. So you did.

You sat on the sofa in the dressing room while Harry stripped to his boxers and removed his mic pack and placed it back in the protective carry case which would then be carried out with Mary to give to Mark who was Harry’s tech man. You played on your phone, replying to texts you had ignored during the concert and occasionally listening into Harry and Mary’s conversations which just consisted of Harry being told off for ripping buttons off, or being congratulated on a great show. It wasn’t long before Mary left, giving the two of you the hour together before you left for the hotel. This had become routine for you the last week, since you had joined Harry on his world travels for the last week and would be leaving tomorrow. A week being the maximum time you were allowed to take off from work, being only an intern.

As soon as the door shut, Harry had shoved on a jumper and a pair of black sweat pants and was sitting next to you on the sofa within seconds prying your phone out of your hands and was positioning your legs so that he was able to rest his head on your lap. 

“You’re still all sweaty, Harry” you point out, but still running your hands through his damp hair. His scrunches up his nose and ignores your comment, his eyes closed and his breathing slowing quickly. He was definitely coming down from the post-performance high. He got up and walked over to the table which was still full of different drinks and foods that he had requested on his rider. He stood there for a moment, taking in the silence that had taken over the room, a dramatic change from the piercing screams that had filled the room he had been prancing around not even half an hour ago. In the end, he decides on grabbing two bottles of water and a banana, a plate, a knife and the jar of peanut butter that he carried around with him because ‘no one brings the right peanut butter!’.

He sits back on the sofa, bring his knees up and crossing his legs and turning his body to face you complete. You copy his motions and the two of you are sitting on the sofa facing each other. 

Harry hands you one of the bottles of water and places the banana on the plate in front of the two of you. Slowly, and silently he peels the banana and cuts in to slices and spreads peanut butter over each of them and places on of them into his mouth, smiling at you as he picked up another piece and offering it to you, you accepted, opening your mouth and he placed into your mouth. The two of you laughed.  

“It was a good show.’ You say, swallowing. Harry nodded in agreement before reeling off his favourite parts.

“It was so funny, there was one girl at the front. She was goin’ absolutely mental!” He laughed at the memory “She literally made the show for me.” You laughed too. 

“I wish I could have seen that! But, I did happen to hear you ace that part” and you mimicked the part that he had sung incredibly well. He laughed at your impression, his cheeks blushing slightly. Despite having thousands of people pay to come and listen to come and listen to him sing and sing along with him, it was compliments from people that he cared most about, like yourself, that got to him most. He ignored your compliment although you knew that it was sitting in the back of his mind. He continued to talk about how he had loved a certain part of the show, or whenever he saw the girl who was going mental in the front. It wasn’t long before the plate in front of you was empty and the two of you were being called out of the dressing room by Paul and were being lead out of a back exit to where four large black cars were waiting to carry both you and harry, and the rest of his team including musicians, techs and roadies back to the hotel.

The journey back to the hotel was short and quiet, the rush of being on stage having completely left Harry exhausted and dozing slightly on your shoulder while you watched out the window, and Jeff on his phone replying to emails. The cars pulled up to the back of the hotel, where hotel staff were waiting patiently for the cars to arrive and carry bags up to the hotel rooms in which you would all be staying at for the night. Harry had played two nights at that arena, meaning that a lot of you had stayed at that hotel the previous night and still had one more night to play before moving on to the next destination, but Jeff had flown out from Los Angeles that day having had to attend meetings regarding the label in which Harry was signed to.

Paul guided you and Harry up to the 12th floor, the rest of the team following suit. You and Harry left after saying goodnight to everyone and shut the door behind you into the bedroom suite that you and Harry had been given for your stay.

Harry silently pulled you behind him into the bathroom where he stripped you and himself before pulling you into the shower that he had turned on before he stripped you. The two of you stood under the flow of water, and his held you close to his body, nestling his face into your neck.

“Don’t go tomorrow” he mumbled into your skin, pressing kisses to your neck too. 

“Harry, I -” You began.

Noo, stay” he whined, and lifted his head to place his forehead on yours. His eyes were shut, but his forehead was creasing and you could tell that he was upset. You lifted your lips to his and kissed him gently. 

“I have to go, my love. I was only given a week and Harry needs me ‘cause he wants me to come with him to that appraisal” You explained. He nodded, but his brows were still furrowed. Harry was always telling you how proud of he was of you for working towards the goal of working in the art world, especially now that you had an internship working under the chairman, who was also called Harry, in the Old Masters at Sotheby’s.

You both stood under the hot water for a while, while washing each other gently before leaving the huge walk in shower and wrapping each other in the plush hotel towels that were already warming on the rack. He followed you back into your room where you dropped the towel and changed into one of Harry’s old sweatshirts that you had stolen from him a while ago and a clean pair of knickers while Harry rummaged in one of his suitcases for a clean pair of boxers before slipping them on. You rubbed the towel over your hair to dry it somewhat, while Harry ran his fingers through his hair, letting a few rogue drops fly to the floor before pulling down the duvet on his side of the bed and sliding in. You soon followed and got in on the other side of the bed, but sliding over so that your head was laying on his chest.

You heard him inhale heavily, and he moved his heavy hand to lay on your back. 

“’m gonna miss you.” He stated, as he pushed his body down the bed so that he was laying more flat. You sat up and lay on your side, facing him and he turned too to face you, he scooted closer too, and his hand reached out to find yours and held it between the two of your bodies. 

“’m gonna miss you more.” you mumbled and pulled entwined hands towards your lips to kiss the back of his hand. His eyes shut and he exhaled heavily.

“What times your flight?’ he murmured, the sound of sleep seeping in, indicating that the two of you were soon to be heading to sleep.

“Midday. Have to be there for ten, though’

Harry huffed again and detached your hands before moving his hand to your back, moving it under his old jumper that was hanging off your body to pull you closer to him, as if that was really possible, and rubbed the small of your back.

“’mm, okay. I guess that’ll have to be okay” He whispered, his mouth very close to your ear. “Love you” He murmured again. You said it back too, and he shuffled closer into your neck, pressing light kisses as the two of you dozed off to sleep for the night before you woke the next day.

You woke the next day to Harry still in your neck, his mouth open, breathing heavily. Looking over to the bedside table on Harry’s side of the table, you saw that the time was 8:20, meaning that you had to leave for the airport in 40 minutes. 

“Harry, Harry” you spoke softly, but loud enough for him to stir from his sleep. He groaned at the light seeping through the curtains as he opened his eyes. “I have to leave in a bit, gorgeous” 

“no” he groaned again, this time spreading his arm over your body and holding you in a vice-like grip. 

“Gorgeous, you’ll only be 2 weeks before you’re back in London for a while” you explain softly while manoeuvring yourself out of his grip and sliding out of bed before walking towards the open suitcase which was on the floor by the window. You picked out comfortable clothes, as you were flying and therefore didn’t want to be in constricting clothing. Harry watched from the bed as you stripped down like he had done to you the night before, and then slipped on your underwear before wiggling into your stretchiest jeans and slipping on, yet another, one of Harry’s old sweatshirts, however, one that was more suitable for being worn in public. Harry soon followed with getting dressed and the two of you stood next to each other in the bathroom while you prepared for the day ahead.

A knock on your door broke the two of you from your silence as you were laying on the bed next to each other, whispering things to each other about things they were excited about, and things that they wanted, Harry constantly bringing up that he wanted you to stay and you responding by stroking his cheek and reassuring him that you would be waiting at his home in London for when he gets in after finishing tour. The knock persisted and Harry knew that that was his cue to get up and open the door and admit defeat. You had to leave. 

It was agreed with Paul and Jeff that Harry was going to be able to travel with you to the airport, however he was not allowed to leave the car once at the terminal, something that he had objected to, but you had reminded him that he was lucky that Jeff had agreed to left him out of his sight since his return from LA.

You, Paul and Harry made your way through the hallways of the hotel and left through the back where the four black cars that had dropped you at the hotel the night before were parked and a driver waiting. Paul agreed that he would sit in the front with the driver to give Harry and you some privacy, something that Harry had argued with him on all the way down to the car. 

The journey felt faster than it should have, probably due to the fact that the both of you were sad to be separating, and therefore time had to go faster than either of you had wanted and the car pulled up in front of the terminal entrance. Paul went round the back of the car to grab your suitcase while you said your goodbyes to Harry.

“I love you, so much, gorgeous” He mumbled against your lips as he kissed you gently. 

“Love you too, maybe even more.” You laughed, but you could tell Harry wasn’t in the mood for jokes, “Oh, come on gorgeous. Two weeks will fly by!” You held his cheeks while he looked at you sadly.

“It just gets quite lonely” he moped. Although you tried to understand, it wasn’t something that you could, so you pulled him into another kiss before you were interrupted by Paul who was knocking on the window. You took that as your cue to leave, and placed another kiss on his lips and told him that you would text when you landed. He nodded solemnly, and you got out the car. You looked at Paul, who looked at you apologetically. 

“Do you want me to walk you in?” Paul offered. You shook your head, explaining that Harry would get jealous that his security got to go in and he didn’t. He nodded in understanding and bent down to give you a hug. “you’re good for him, you know. Not seen as happy as he is with you in a while” He muttered in your ear, causing you to grin widely. You thanked him again, before taking your suitcase from him and turning to walk away from the car, shouting a ‘bye!’ as your walked further away.

As soon as you walked into the large room filled with check in desks and other travellers your phone buzzed. You checked it and found that Harry had sent you a text, not even five minutes after leaving him.

From: Harry🐘 (9:58)
Miss you already, love you more. Promise to be at my house before im home?? xx

To: Harry 🐘 (9:58)
Miss you more, lets agree that we love the same. promise ill be there,but only if you promise to not be late xx

From: Harry 🐘 (9:59)
ill promise not to be late if you promise to be waiting in my bed in something red and lacy

To: Harry 🐘 (10:00)
I cant promise red, but i can promise lacy.

From: Harry 🐘 (10:01)
I suppose that will have to do. Love you xxx