❝ wanna make a monster ? take the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable  —-  your weaknesses, bad thoughts, vanities,  &  hungers  —-  &  pretend they’re across the room.  ❞


reasons why calum would be the best daddy ever:

-looking at the baby bundled up in his arms before glancing at you and whispering in an awestruck voice “we made this”
-emailing drop dead to ask them if their clothing comes in children’s sizes
-accidentally drinking the baby formula because he thought it was a protein shake
-taking your child to the dog shelter every weekend because “babe, if we’re gonna get one this is good practice”
-letting your child colour in his tattoos whilst he’s just sitting and giggling slightly because “what? it tickles”
-walking in on you breastfeeding and pouting because he claims that “its not fair, i never get boob time anymore :-(”
-poking the baby’s cheeks and laughing at how your child is so squishy, yet he rolls his eyes whenever you do the same thing to him
-”babe, look, look, a green day onesie!”
-the baby would probably fall asleep on his chest and calum would just rub soothing circles into their back until he followed suit
-”no, trust me, the guitar is overrated, don’t pay attention to uncle luke. bass is way better bub, i swear. no listen–”
-dressing your child up as a puppy for their first halloween
-dropping the baby bottle and going “fuck–no wait i’m not allowed to swear anymore, shit–no, fuck i meant–”
-teaching your child how to play soccer and letting them score on him all the time
-”your mummy is so pretty, isn’t she bub?” “you’re still not getting laid tonight”
-”aunt mali’s gonna take you out for ice cream, okay? that way me and mummy can have some alone time”
insisting that his kid is way better than uncle michael’s kid
-”for fuck’s sake ashton, yes my child is getting all the nutrition they need, thank you very much”

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