Here’s the thing about trump.

It’s not even about “political views,” it’s much more than that to me. To accuse me of not being positive because I don’t force a smile on my face and welcome trump supporters on my blog is honestly very ironic, because you’re supporting a man who sees people like me and many others as below him. As a bisexual girl, trump not only infuriates me but makes me uncomfortable, even downright terrified. And I can’t even fathom how woc feel, how muslims feel whenever that man opens his mouth and spews ugly, hateful words. And for you to ignore the things he says, to turn a blind eye every time trump does something screwed up, is disgusting. The things he’s said about women, about immigrants, about innocent people, is just plain awful. And when you call yourself a supporter of trump, you’re supporting him and his actions and everything’s he’s said. Keep that in mind. So of course I don’t want you anywhere near my blog. I, a positivity blog, don’t want supporters of a man who is the LEAST positive example in the world to think my positivity is for them. That shouldn’t be hard to grasp at all.

My positivity is for poc, my positivity is for trans people, for Jewish people, for everyone in the LGBT+ community, for muslims, for autistic people, for disabled people, and the list goes on. I want to uplift these people, I want them to feel safe on my blog, I want them to feel welcomed and supported because this world is becoming a terrible place and I just want to be a little shelter where everyone can come inside and escape from all the disaster going on.

You see it as simple politics, I see it as mine and many other’s basic human rights being slowly stripped away by an evil man.

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*trigger warning* hey... I have a quick question. what would you say to someone that abused someone else by mistake? like, lets say they were very young and they had no idea what they were doing? at all? and now they feel very guilty because of it and for the past 4+ years they've been punishing themselves for it extensively(selfharming, trying to replicate what they did in scary ways, etc.)? would you say they deserve to die or maybe suffer? pls be honest

No. I don’t think they deserve to suffer or die. Because some people can have abusive tendencies, realize they were being abusive, apologize and change their ways. But it’s important to remember that the person they abused is NOT obligated to forgive said person. But they were very young, as you said, and even though being young isn’t an excuse for being abusive, it sounds like this person recognizes what they did wasn’t ok and that says a lot about them! I hope they can move past this. I’m proud of them for working to change their abusive behavior because not many people do that. (:

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Being a sad artist is a little different than being labeled a rapist, sexist, racist or nazi. Are you really trying to sit there and opine that my rapist DESERVES respect regardless of what he did, and I should invite him around for dinner so we can chat about my assault? The guy who beat the shit out of my sister MORE THAN ONCE DESERVES my respect just because he happens to be someone's son and we should stage an intervention for his subhuman ass? Am I being punked with this shit?

No. At that point you should call the police. And no, you don’t call them “subhuman”. You’re taking away their human traits. You’re making it easier for them to not give a shit about you or what they did to you. You grab them by the fucking collar, bring them to the human level that they need to be on, and punish them accordingly.

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hcs on how Enma,, Hibari and Mukuro would treat Tsuna's sO


As Tsuna’s claimed significant other you will be treated to all kinds of scrutiny from enemies and allies alike. As a don Tsuna would put little to no thought to the opinions of other people but the people around him would be a different matter. His chosen significant other could, after all, influence the future of the Vongola through your relationship with its Boss. Empires have fallen for the sake of a beautiful face more than once, after all so they knew not to underestimate someone chosen by the Decimo.

admin Adelheid


  • Polite Wariness
  • You may or may not be aware of the Simon’s history. Their Famiglia was almost destroyed because of one man’s love for a woman that had gone mad when she died. As a result, Enma will treat you like you’re glass when you’re near him. Can’t afford to let you get hurt under his watch.
  • He will go out of his way to cater to your every wish and get you whatever it was you wanted. Whether or not you treat him like a friend or a dog, the way he treats you will not change. But that is in the beginning only because he doesn’t trust you yet.
  • Underneath his subservience he is biding time. Testing out your kindness and the strength of your relationship with Tsuna and judging what to do from there.
  • If he determines you’re a witch disguised as an angel he will plot your downfall. He will make it appear that the Vongola was victimizing the Simon once again through you and he will take steps to make sure your treatment was made public.
  • It’s a risk, he knew it. What the Vongola says goes in the underworld, after all. It is also his way of testing how far his friendship with Tsuna will be taken under consideration.
  • If Tsuna sides with you despite your evil Enma will take the Simon and go underground again but not before planting the seed of doubt in the other allies and show them they could all end up like the Simon if you continue to exist by Tsuna’s side. If the Vongola Boss sides with him then Enma will quietly remind him in private that you are gaining too much influence.
  • However if you prove to be a person who has no malicious streak then Enma will become a stalwart friend.
  • He will be there when you need him, supporting you openly and protecting you.
  • He’ll treat you like he treats Tsuna. With trust and friendship and loyalty. Probably even have a little crush on you.
  • All in all, if you gain his loyalty then it is yours for life. No matter what happens between you and Tsuna in the future he will stand by you. Whether your relationship with his best friend ends up in marriage or parting ways, his bond with you will never be severed.


  • Indifferent Condescension
  • It’s not as bad as it sounds, really. He’ll mostly just pretend you’re not there. Which is actually pretty gentlemanly for him. At least he’s not beating you into a pulp, right?
  • He will avoid any and all interactions with you as much as possible but that does not mean you are not under his radar. He will stay unattached to you while you are under his probation. Unsurprising for him to have an eye on you documenting your movements and noting your interactions round the clock.
  • Depending on the results of your evaluation he will act accordingly.
  • If you’re a petty person and your behavior and influence over Tsuna is a risk to the Family he will do damage control covertly and swiftly.
  • You insulted the daughter of an ally through sheer pettiness and endangered an important partnership? Hibari will come in once you leave and fix the problem by charming that daughter back to the Vongola’s side before she could run to her father. Got someone killed out of sheer spite using Tsuna’s name and influence? Hibari will make sure the Vongola does not take the fall.
  • He will keep Tsuna in the know about all of your shenanigans and let him decide about what to do with his lover. He will openly advise dropping you, unafraid of retaliation. If Tsuna responds favorably to you despite your wicked ways he will allow the issues you create to mount and stand back, waiting to see what will become of the Family from a distance. The Vongola is after all Tsuna’s so it would be up to the Decimo to decide whether or not the Family should rise or fall.
  • If he finds you are a good person, though, he will interact with you more often, even give you a nod of greeting when you’re in the same room together and not mind staying there with you.
  • If you express a desire to help Tsuna out he will be the one you should consult and he will give you suggestions about how to act like a consort that will enhance Tsuna’s influence or safety. He will also give you all the means to execute these suggestions and see them to fruition.
  • Unsure of yourself around other Mafia women? He will pop by and remind you to lift your chin up and remember just who it was that loved you. That you are consort to the Boss of all Bosses and that Tsuna has chosen you because he knew your actual self will make him proud.
  • Hibari will make sure you are safe around the clock without intruding on your life. Your safety will be priority to him. Messing with you will be literally messing with him. Harming you will be the last thing anyone will ever do with a Cloud like that hanging over you.


  • Barely Veiled Malice.
  • Prepare for lots or baiting and malicious innuendos.
  • Baiting you will be his new favorite past time. Mukuro has always been a rebel and he will not care if you were offended or not. He will test your patience and tolerance for his snide and smooth mockery and insults.
  • It may seem offensive but in his own way he will be testing the sharpness of your mind and your resistance to temptations. It didn’t matter if it made him look like the bad guy in the situation. He’s used to the part.
  • If you try to match him, success will earn you an amused smirk followed by a series of events that will remove you from Tsuna’s side and failure will secure you a condescending sneer with his respect latched onto it from behind.
  • If you are a malicious, petty person you will either try to take him down using intrigue and conspiracies or get so turned on and horny you’ll seduce him into your bed.
  • The former you will never beat him in and he will make sure Chrome knows what’s going on so she has his back in case things go south and she could bail him out of it. The latter he would treat with amusement and fan your attraction for him until he can stage a scenario where Tsuna will catch you in the act of trying to get him into bed. Mukuro will make sure Tsuna finds out you were the one carrying on with him and have you cast out of Tsuna’s sight.
  • If you are, however, a good person who truly loves his Don and rises in righteous indignation to his baits and insinuations then eventually he will be forced to respect you. Yes, he will make it known to all and sundry that he is being forced to do this because it is not in his nature to be honest. Not that you would notice the difference since he loves playing cat and mouse with you too much but then the very observant would be able to notice how the Mist user would become violent when someone else tries to play the same game with you.
  • He will demand that you be respected in his presence from outsiders and ignorant allies who dare try to insult you by using those same baiting tactics on those offending people.
  • He will make it thoroughly clear that you are under Vongola’s protection by flashing that red eye on your enemies.
  • He will also actively but subtly raise your influence and personal power among the Famiglia and the Mafia. He had never trusted the Vongola’s Inner Circle so with a few subtle urges and machinations, he makes you an indispensable member of the Vongola. With or without your permission and uncaring if it put you in a lot of hot water.
  • He will be the bane of your existence but your most possessive protector who will not think twice about killing anyone who tries to take away his new favorite plaything. A plaything he would not hesitate to shield from any harm.
  • No one else can spar with your mind other than him.
i think there’s a flaw in my code

i write to deal with my own experience of mental illness and!!! this happened!!

TRIGGER WARNINGS: mental illness!!!!! description of panic attack situation, and possibly psychosis? also mention of delusions.

keep yourself safe, always always <3

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today, it’s tuesday, and his mind is loud.

he hasn’t slept yet, because it’s choking. it is stifling - the fear. the panic. bubbling thick and clinging in the marrow of his bones, like an infection. 

he’s pressed flat to the bed with the weight of it aching on his ribs.

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