twyla is bored

Sometimes I want to ask people if they want to do a guest update for kid discord

Just so More of my questions get answered for KD because I have a LOT.

But then I feel like I’m asking too much and that people will frown upon this for some reason. And then I get shy and I give up thinking of it. The only reason I am is because I’m so tired and in a dwelling mood.

Am I in the wrong for wanting to ask this to people?


I’ve done eleven pony oc sketches so far (some I need to clean up a bit but they’re going to stay sketches) I’m still going to do more too because I can.

I also sketched up a rainbow dash and celestia to fancify with art. I also had an idea with fluttershy. This shall be glorious.

I’m coming back tomorrow. Hopefully our Internet lines will be fixed. I’d like to do livestreams again.