twyla art

Current WIP - 13 Wishes Twyla (Yes I know that was her debut.)

I watched 13 Wishes yesterday and I was just thinking about her being sucked into the lamp too…. 

I should finish this tonight or tomorrow and there will be a process video!!

Anyone got suggestions of who else should get a 13 wishes makeover/ a new 13 wishes makeover? :3


Monster high Twyla OOAK
By me: Full OOAK with modificated body

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Monster High pixels!!

I’ve spend these last days on making Monster High pixels
these are so ones i’ve made so far, if you want to use them please send me an ask!
also the pixel are a little smaller than these, like average pixel size idk hahah.
If you want me to make more characters please send me an ask for that also, and then I’ll see if I have the time and skill to make them 

UPDATE: a lot of people have told me that i put in the wrong source, but i didnt know and i’m sorry for that but the credit goes to tumblr user feastings!