Today you told me I was scared of commitment. In the past month I’ve rearranged my room more times than I could ever possibly keep track of. In the past year I’ve had more jobs than I can count with my hands. But how can I be scared of commitment when for the past eighteen years it’s been you I want.

Please, Mattel, I need more Twyla versions to cosplay. (I don’t like her New Scaremester outfit).
My top 5 wish list:
1. Power Ghouls (We need more super heroes/villains in general!)
2. Freak du chic
3. Sweet Screams
4. Gloom & Bloom
5. OR such a cool Collector Doll like Draculaura. But please without so much crocheted ornamentation (I don’t know how to make crochet lace). :D
Please make that happen :D

Any more suggestions?

P.S. Happy birthday to The Mrs Alak Tarr ! Have a nice day. ^^
I’m very jealous of you because Alak is such a cutie ♥ :D



  • Don’t use together with a hat!
  • 不要和帽子一起用
  • For male only
  • 只能男用,因为换女的会错位。
  • In <Acc Earrings>
  • 在耳环那个能找到它

Might have some bug.

抱怨一下,前几天我的VPN过期了。然后今天早上上课时续费,晚上回到来宿舍,每开每崩!  然后想去更新一下,连个网站我也找不到了,感觉被封了。我心中万只草泥马在奔走!我还一次续费续了3个月~!心痛我死我啦!好吧,现在重新换了一个别的VPN,还是买了3个月,不懂吸取教训的人儿。