“I may vaguely like you grey folk but that doesn’t warrant nickname privileges. Not by any stretch of imagination”

From his, albeit illegal, Earth visits, he gained decent information about personal and familial dynamics to some basic degree. It gave him both the capacity to transition as well as to assign a deeper relationship with the one, and only, chalcedony class gem he’s actually mostly trusting of. By technicality they’re siblings from emerging from the same kindergarten, but he moreso calls her that for the bond they have. As of right now she’s the only one that can tolerate him and his quirks.

White Agate belongs to @daikaiju-danielle (who is way a-okay with this~) She gets a lot of perks~ Nickname privileges is one of them!

The signs as aspects of the pop punk lyf
  • Aries:angst
  • Taurus:pizza obsession
  • Gemini:friends
  • Cancer:whiny vocals
  • Leo:warped tour
  • Virgo:excessive band t shirt collection
  • Libra:plaid shirts
  • Scorpio:deep rooted Parker Cannon obsession
  • Sagittarius:getting out of this town
  • Capricorn:worn in/ ripped up Vans from skating
  • Aquarius:stage diving
  • Pisces:post-show crying