twy is love

Today you told me I was scared of commitment. In the past month I’ve rearranged my room more times than I could ever possibly keep track of. In the past year I’ve had more jobs than I can count with my hands. But how can I be scared of commitment when for the past eighteen years it’s been you I want.

sunsetshimmer  asked:

wow i hate twyla how can anyone be such a good friend why do people give twy so much love like? who does that haha am i right twy is so cute and good and the best

JSJSJSJS ILOVE YOU SO MUCHH!!!! UR RTHE BEST…… ur 2 goodd omgthank you, i wouldd die for u sunset shimmer

I finally changed the bed sheets. The ones we would get tangled up in, the ones soaked with your smell. I hope you understand that I had to change them. Ever since you left i’ve been wrapping myself in those sheets, grasping them on nights that I couldn’t physically hold you. I couldn’t wake up one more morning, smell you, and reach over only to feel a cold mattress.