tww: season 5

What I want to see in season 5 of b99
  • How Jake and Amy met
  • How Jake and Rosa met
  • How Jake and Gina met
  • How Jake and Charles became best friends
  • Holt and Terry working together in the 8-1
  • How Holt and Kevin met
  • Arlo
  • Why Hitchcock and Scully divorced their wives
  • Updates on Terry’s daughter, Ava
  • Doug Judy
  • How the squad became the squad we now know

I personally am grateful for this ep. I’ve been feeling like this season isn’t grounded in anything. It’s kinda been scatter brained & tired characterization. So although Alison isn’t my fav clone it was a breath of fresh air to be able to focus on one character and get into their world a bit.