tww [1]

honestly tww doesn’t even count as queerbaiting bc it’s completely unintentional and aaron sorkin gets so upset whenever it comes up that he Accidentally made his show seem too gay ….. everyone just Is i cant believe these characters literally up and overturned his will

I think one of the hardest parts of ttc is all the waiting. You wait for your period to end, then you have to wait for ovulation, after ovulation you have to wait for two weeks before you either get your period or get your bfp/bfn. If you get a bfn, then you have to wait for your period, so you can wait until it’s over, to start trying again, and then the waiting cycle just continues. There’s so much waiting and wondering and hoping and it gets to you. I just want to be pregnant already :(


It’s been a pleasure, Claudia Jean. / The pleasure’s been all mine, Sir.