mingomusing replied to your post: nyahh. I’m sure he’s fine. 

hold on. hold on. What in the world does he have on his wall, the quaggon.

I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Quaggan Club. A wannabee competitor of Moto set up this indie simulator. Twub is a huge fan of the simulators absurdity…. and sneaky depth to plot. It’s a hypothetical Tyrian future run by hyper intelligent Quaggans who becomethemainraceafteralltheotherracesarewipedoutbytheelderdragons
I mean who doesn’t like Quaggans.

WOCwD = Women of Color with Disabilities


I’ve been racking my brain about how to connect with more disabled women of color online, & I thought of the idea to create a hashtag for us to make that happen.  

I wanted this hashtag to be short, sweet, & easy to remember.  

I took time to research many combinations to make sure that I wasn’t appropriating an already used one.  (I learned from the #NoShameDay incident earlier this year.)  Hashtags like “DWoC” & “WOCD” were already in use, & I didn’t like the possible misinterpretation of “DisWoC” (could be used to *diss* WoC / used in a misogynoir manner).  

So, after seeing that WOCwD had very little use online (only a handful of tweets since 2012 & 2013, & they didn’t seem to be about anything cause/advocacy worthy), & saw that there wasn’t anything tagged on Tumblr with this hashtag combination, I thought that this may work.  

I want this hashtag to be ours.  I want this hashtag to bring disabled WoC together because it’s hard to find each other in this online world.  

Please support, & signal boost this tag.  I’ve registered it on Twubs, so it now has an “official” purpose.  

I’m asking my disabled advocates of all shades to signal boost this for me:  wheeliewifee, ficdirectory, theperksofbeingdisabled, darling-letemstare, cripplesofcolor, dollhospitaljournal, cripple-fabulous, wheelchair problems, autisticwomen, blackgirlmentalhealth

Also, go-blackfeminism & gradientlair, would you two mind sharing this?  

And my social work peeps:  beatacaroline, socialworkmemes, socialworktech, sharpcarnival​, indianacaseworker, politicalsocialworker, thenotoriousamy

And Carol since her artwork has depicted disabled women so well:  carolrossettidesign

~ Vy, proud WOCwD