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do you know any good historical fiction/non fiction books about the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor era? I've heard bad things about Philippa Gregory, and mixed reviews about Alison Weir, so i just wanna make sure i get something worth my time and money. thanks!

Non-Fiction: Dan Jones’ The Hollow Crown, it’s a pretty easy read an gives a good general layout of who the key figures and events were. Michael K. Jones’ Bosworth 1485: Psychology of a Battle is a fairly written account of the events leading up to the battle and the battle itself.  The Rise of the Tudors by Chris Skidmore goes over Henry VII’s early life and is a great complement to Thomas Penn’s The Winter King which covers Henry VII’s later life.  I’m about to jump into Desmond Seward’s The Wars of the Roses, which is supposed to be quite decent, and I may have to report back.  Jasper Ridley’s The Tudor Age is worth a read, it’s more about the life of common people.  And last but certainly not least is the book I am constantly referencing on my blog, S.B. Chrimes Henry VII.

Fiction: I’ll admit I haven’t delved too deep into this area of fiction.  Jean Plaidy has an absolute slew of historical fiction books that cover this era, and while most find her writing dry, I actually quite enjoy it.  I used to read a lot of Allison Weir fiction books, and I found her’s were quite entertaining.  Tony Riches has a fab Trilogy about Owen Tudor, Jasper Tudor, and Henry VII (a book dedicated to each), I’ve read Henry’s and am currently reading Owen’s.  Again, quite entertaining.

Thank you for the question, and happy reading!

The White Princess Episode 1 Live Blog

You asked and I have delivered.  My live blog of the first episode of TWP is below the cut.  It’s four and a half pages of stream of consciousness notes I took while rewatching the episode.  I don’t go into historical accuracy, that’s just not really an aim of the show so I don’t think it’s fair to critique that aspect.  But I do think I touch on 15th C. social mores a little.  Hope you enjoy.

The opening credits are really cool.  They remind me a lot of the credits for TWQ.  The graphics are pretty awesome.  Love the Tudor Rose imposed at the end.  

I guess this first scene was used to establish a tie between the last series and this one.  I’m just glad it was brief while also giving an idea of what we are working with.  However, I think this scene wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen TWQ.

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