When you’re a snowboarder, you can appreciate other snowboarders who just have it. Guys who have the style, and finesse that you just want to have. Not everyone has it though, and you certainly can’t try and copy it. Guys like Benji Ritchie, Nicolas Muller, and Terje Haakonsen are who we emulate, and respect. They are what some people might call legends. Check out these photos, and see what we are talking about. - via

Vans Bridger Vest ($100) 

Vests are kind of like the redheaded stepchild; they’re easily overlooked. We tend to toss on a hoodie or a flannel because it’s easy and comfortable, but a vest adds that extra layer of style and function. This one from Vans has that classic two-tone outdoorsman look and insulates properly with down feathers. It’s not the most technical, but it’s a choice look for the streets to the shred. 

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