Its sketchy but hey its finished. Shout out to that anon who sent me the link to this song,this is all because of you. I used a ton of references and screenshot redraws for this and I even copied some screenshots for this one panel ...I just love these kids so much

so last night I was tabling with Nicole of #StillBisexual at a bi art event, which was in a performance space that hosts LGBTQ artists and their work. 

Nicole and I are sitting at the table with all sorts of #StillBisexual swag when this guy walks up, looks at the table and says to us, “Yeah, I don’t know about those bisexual people, like, can you ever really trust them?”

…at a bi booth. In an LGBTQ performance space. Before a performance about bisexuality and stigma.

Nicole didn’t miss a beat and said, “Sounds like someone needs a brochure.” But the guy continued to tell me about how you can’t trust a bisexual to not cheat on you because they’ll always be craving “the other half.” I tried to stay polite while attempting to check him but the whole time in my head I was like ???!!!!??!!

Later in the night he interrogated a THIRD bi person about the same thing, (and mentioned how he wouldn’t date a bi man). Turns out this dude is the artistic director of the space. 

This is what bi people mean when we say sometimes we don’t feel safe in LGBTQ spaces. The fact that people feel totally fine with voicing their prejudices about bi people - TO bi people - in spaces that are supposedly for us as well? 

Yeah, not cool. 


Inktober + Mob Psycho 100

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