I’m guessing both made quite a notable first impression on the other… sorry this is long, I got carried away! but yeah my good pal @earthnoise aka @limbics requested their fluffy angel floffy and my cinnamon roll liv introducing their tall misfit companions fleance and ismael to each other but like

(I’m sorry max but I don’t think the girls would allow request 2.0)

ismael is practically liv’s body guard but when it comes to social situations he’s the one who needs protection… save the man with the knife from the man with no sense of personal space #saveismael2k16


“Yellow Paint”
i tried a new watercolour technique to experiment with using a single colour + emphasis using contrast. i never use yellow paint and i tend to avoid painting human faces so i thought fuck it lets try it all

free art requests are open!

Just a reminder :)


Here’s my messy heart.