Your Little Princess | Bucky x Reader One Shot

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Warning: Fluffy-ness.

A/N: I’m writing this at 4 in the morning and I’m lazy tired so sorry if it’s horrible. :’)

“Daddy! Daddy, look what I made!”

Sarah Elizabeth Barnes ran across the floor towards her father, wildly waving her newest finger painting and macaroni art piece in the air above her head.

As she did so, the not-completely-dried glue let a few pieces of macaroni hit the floor, which you picked up after your vibrant and hyper daughter.

Bucky coming home had always been her favorite time of day, as she was a complete daddy’s girl. You thought it was adorable how she’d run for him so happily, and he’d smile and scoop her up with an equal amount of joy and love, kissing her on the forehead and earning a giggle from her in return.

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