We both know that love is what you make it,
I want you, all or nothing at all.

My gift for ohmccalls for the Teen Wolf Rare Pairs Exchange!

(Also on AO3.)

Ffffffuck, these two have always been the relationship that kind of makes Teen Wolf for me, but since 3B I’m totally gone for them romantically. Like, obsessed, help I’ve fallen into a ScottStiles hole and I can’t get out.


One of the many beautiful and wonderful gems of fandom is the twrarepairexchange.

It creates a space where all the rarer pairings of fandom can bloom and flourish and as such, it is a cornerstone of fandom, since one of the core roots of fandom is to nuture creativity and fantasy of all kinds.

Yesterday, the person who runs the exchange, blueeyeslahey, was targeted by a troll whose actions were the epitome of everything fandom SHOULDN’T be:





The anon DEMANDED that the site post Sterek and when their demands weren’t met, flooded the blog with a barrage of further demands, outlandish accusations and crude insults.

Sorry, but last I looked, the good old fandom rules of YKINMK and DLDR were still alive and kicking.

Never mind that there is such a thing as common courtesy that one fan should extend to another (or, more simply put, one human being to another).

If people want to be free to ship THEIR faves in peace and quiet, then maybe they should damn well accord OTHERS the liberty to do so too.

So yeah, if anybody should be ashamed of themselves, it should be this anon.


P.S.: Kudos to blueeyeslahey for handling the situation with patience and restraint.

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 30 day drabble challenge w/ allisaacs​ & mahealaheys
day five

Title: Haze

Pairing: Braeden/Kira Yukimura

Summary: Kira opens her eyes and the first thing she notices, other than the stinging pain that the sudden light causes, is the cloud of fog around the forest.

871 words

[also on ao3]

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seriously though you should all sign up for twrarepairexchange because it’s going to be super awesome and full of love and it’s not due until february so you can totally do it if you’ve already committed to a secret santa for the holidays

and if you sign up you might even be lucky enough to get assigned to me! and then you can make me a cute valentine featuring my favorite characters doing fun stuff to each other!

there’s not enough rarepair stuff out there think about how fun and rewarding it will be to give someone the gift of a pairing they love that they never see any other works for! someone will cherish you and the thing you make so SIGN UP TODAY TO MAKE A THING

i actually feel really fucking terrible:

Classes are kicking my ass this semester, I need to find a job for the summer and I’m having problems in my family.

I was too proud to admit I couldn’t handle taking on a writing project and now this fic exchange is kicking my ass. I already got an extension, but what is it worth? This idea was meant for a long chapter story and I’m trying to cram it into a one shot. impossible.

I just, I feel so bad because I really let the person this fic was for, down you know?

shereenbaekelvin asked:

Hi ! I just wanted to thank you for the fic your wrote for me for the rare pair exchange because it was really really awesome and I loved the concept that you wrote. Like, thank you soooo soooooooo much :)))

I’m gonna go ahead and guess that our names were revealed. Forgot they were going to do that.

I’m glad you liked it. It was really fun to write, although I think I went a bit overboard with researching exactly what kind of demons they would be. I couldn’t just say demon and be done with it.

I’m currently working on several other projects, but I do want to write more in that universe.