elizarosemarie asked:

I hope that in The white princess they will still have Freya as Queen.

At first i wasn’t sure how I felt if Freya would return as Elizabeth of York but after talking about it with @edwardslovelyelizabeth, I’m feeling better about it.

This would be a good opportunity for Freya, a leading role in a Starz production might give her popularity a boost, it did or Rebecca Ferugson and Caitriona Balfe. She also looks the part and if we’ve learned anything from TWQ, it’s that a good cast can do a lot for a series, even if the script is pretty awful. 

I’m not looking forward to seeing a good actress who looks great for the part of Elizabeth of York being forced to go with a bad representation of her character, but I do love Freya and she deserves big opportunities and as I said before, she’ll probably only increase the quality of the show.