Queen Anne Neville 

“In person she was seemly, amiable and beauteous…And according to the interpretation of her name Anne full gracious”

Based of this X post. The tumblr blogs been deactivated so idk how to get in touch with the person who made the Elizabeth Woodville one. If you renamed your blog and see this, just let me know and I’ll add you’re blog to the text of this. 

(I used Warwick Castle as the background because Middleham is a ruin and I know that she didn’t really live their but it’s still a place Anne did live in)


22 AUGUST 1485: Henry Tudor and his Lancastrian forces defeat Richard III’s Yorkist army at the Battle of Bosworth Field thus ending the Wars of the Roses.

According to tradition, the crown that Richard had worn in battle was found lying under a hawthorn bush. It was brought to Lord Stanley, and Henry’s stepfather, who had maintained his record of failing to serve in any battles of the Wars of the Roses, ceremonially placed it on Henry’s head, declaring him to be King Henry VII. For Henry, who had defeated a rival with a considerably better claim to the throne than his own, it was his moment of greatest glory. For Margaret, in Lancashire, it was also a triumph, and Henry’s success owed a great deal to her belief in him and her promotion of his interests. – Elizabeth Norton, Margaret Beaufort, Mother of the Tudor Dynasty


“The backgrounds of Elizabeth and Henry could hardly be more different, making psychological explanations of the bond they forged—and a bond it certainly was—difficult. They did, however, share the experience of political uncertainty that precluded any sense of personal security. Perhaps they sought that security in each other. Certainly the scribe’s report of their response to Arthur’s death reveals the intensity of their  b o n d   and their shared love.”

Professor Arlene Okerlund


On 22 August 1485, Lady Margaret Beaufort’s only son, Henry Tudor, defeated King Richard III and his Yorkist army at the Battle of Bosworth Field thus ending the Wars of the Roses and becoming King Henry VII of England. It is widely believed that Margaret’s relentless belief in him and promotion of his interests largely influenced Henry’s success.