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So TWP series isn't that bad? Sure, it is based on a PG book and has some moments of stupidity but... it doesn't seem to be that bad, after all?

it’s bad as a whole. the costumes are cheap in comparaison to TWQ or even other STARZ productions, the scenery are not great -it looks like they are filming the scenes in just two or three different locations-, the plot is terrible and of course so biased (only the yorks are great and suffering during these years of war) and the timeline… lmao WHAT IS TIMELINE???
what saves this series is the casting. all the actors are amazing -except SUki who can’t act, but to be faire, Cecily is a terrible character- and Jacob/Jodie’s chemistry is INSANE!! the tension between them is perfectly depicted… and this what saves the show. There are some nice Henry/Lizzie moments but everything is ruined by *THAT* scene in episode 1 and each time they are refering to Richard as hER OnE ANd 4eVER TRUE LOOOV E.
out of context, it is good materia for gifs and edits.
let’s be clear: i LOVE THE CUTE SCENES BECAUSE IT ILLUSTRATES MY HEADCANONS ABOUT WHAT WE KNOW HISTORICALLY OF THE COUPLE : a loving and supportive marriage. and just for that, it worses the pain