twp: doctor who


After the Doctor loses all his friends, Shippy finds him out in the rain and proceeds to tell bad jokes to try to make the Doctor feel better. It’s what Rose would want him to do. If he cannot succeed in making the Doctor feel better then Shippy will just have to put him out of his misery. 

#shippythinksDocisstupidforleavingRoseonthatbeach #stupidtimebitch

pros and cons of rewatching ‘The Witch’s Familiar’


  • Jenna Coleman is beautiful even when upside down
  • Missy’s wink (human sandwiches, why aren’t you thrilled about the prospect of being eaten by evil Mary Poppins, Clara?)
  • the Doctor stealing Davros’ chair
  • “I am dying, Doctor” “you keep saying that, you keep not dying, can you give it a bit of welly?” 
  • Missy is really really hot like jesus christ 
  • THE CHAIR JOKE AKA ONE OF THE FUNNIEST JOKES IN THE ENTIRE SHOW also callback to Curse of Fatal Death bc genius
  • the whole Twelve and Davros convo
  • Missy rushing to save the Doctor and then the hand touch
  • pretty much everything about the episode really


  • Missy is too hot, I’m too gay for this, this was a mistake help why did they make it canon that she just carries rope and handcuffs are they trying to kill me