Badger and Nessa talk about the basics of how to recognise signs of Dissociative Identity Disorder from an outsider’s perspective.

*DISCLAIMER* This video is not to be used as a diagnostic tool and includes signs/indicators that could also be considered ordinary neurotypical behaviours.

To DID community: Littles TinyChat

I have been thinking a lot about littles recently (since Livvi became a lot more active). I am awful about having a little. I don’t provide any entertainment for her and I don’t make sure she is okay at all. 

Livvi went to Dimi twozland‘s party and I think she enjoyed herself (and I certainly did afterwards) so maybe having a semi regular Little’s TinyChat would be good. I think for us it would help tremendously with Livvi. So the littles would be out to start with then later the older ones come out and have a good old laugh.  

What do you think??


So im kinda dressed as charmander today. Ive had some really shit news the past few days and i honestly dont know what to do about it but today is a happy day. I refuse to let it get me down and ruin today, i will break later. Thank god i can fake a smile so well now. Also thank you escaped-muse for helping us and being there the past few days when all of this has been happening. Oh and twozland and soulcam for helping james!

A sketch dump of Cinq and some of my Zone ? Spectres, because I need more of him in my life. I’m gonna do some more dumps like this because it’s a fun way to practice and flesh out these spectres, and Cinq ofc.

Excuse the roughness, they are just doodles. I might clean some up and turn them into a few official pieces in the future tho.

anonymous asked:

Is it weird for an acting host alter to be in a relationship with another alter? No one ever talks about it... you seem to know a lot of people in the community is the only reason I ask you guys/gals. I kinda feel like a freak, you know.

You shouldn’t feel like a freak at all love. We’ve seen a lot of systems where the acting Host is in a relationship with one of their alters.

I’m not really sure why people don’t talk about it much but I do know that it happens more often than you might think.

I hope this helps ease your mind Nonnie!! x ~Sam

meridaandmerlininthetardis  sent me an ask to list 5 things that make me happy then pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged something from me. I also got tagged by fullmetalsoulreaper15 so here we go:

1) my amazing girlfriend, aka my best friend

2)  my supportive and wonderfully strange friends

3) reading good books while it’s raining outside

4) my guinea pig!

5) being a child (building blanket forts, eating cookie dough, watching disney movies, etc)

and I’m tagging: meridaandmerlininthetardis, runawayalters, s-squared1078, b-j-forryan-maccrory, twozland, usagisakuradrops, jamesbuckybuchanan, phineaslightfoot, faust-the-malevolent, and arizona-green



New Blog Post

It’s a bit about how feminism can turn things inside-out, and how I don’t agree.

‘’Dear women,

We’re not brave when we change our body (even temporarily) because we’re insecure. That’s the worst thing we could do. What’s brave is when we accept our flaws, and love ourselves that way.

Insecurities happen because of society and the media. What we see, what people tell us about our body can make us feel insecure.

Feminism is about changing society, not society changing us.’’

Just click on the quote and you’ll read the whole post! :)

“I’m a cabaret 
A Champaign café
Everyone uses to celebrate
But I’m just not ready to rot and dance and laugh 
to the sweetest death I ever had…” ☺ #music #musicisallihave #goodtunes #goodmusic #tunes #vibing #goodvibes #latenights #feelgoodmusic #goodnight #ivansmusic #shuffle #northstar #twozerotwo #pollyanna

twozland answered: Yay… for now, wait until they cover the house in stuffed toys and balls and games. Likes ours. ~Nova :)

haha oh, I bet.. it’s going to be a huge joy LOL My aunt is going to go nutso, like, I can imagine her coming home after work and just standing there saying, “I live with an adult niece… why are there Barbies under the table and a dozen stuffed animals on the couch? And WHY does she even own footie pajamas and why is she wearing them NOW?!” lol all while my mother pretends not to notice and I’m curled up on the floor with a blankie. It’s going to happen. I know it is.