I had a spare 5 or so minutes waiting for a transport in a game. Doodled this in the meantime, nothing special. An OC of mine that needs more love is all… Yeh.
(sorry for the untidiness, I wanted to get back to my game!!! xD Might do a proper one sometime, because I like the idea of exploring semi-realistic Pascal…)

Jazz and Nova have been playing around with out Tumblr. There’s a few new things and some stuff has been updated. My sister has promised to play nice, so after some discussion with Nova, she has allowed Nat online. So, there’s that as well. -Alex

anonymous asked:

I like the ones where it is just random life/day in the life of. You all seem a lot more relaxed and yourselves. They are more fun.

Well we can certainly do another day in the life of TwOz if you want! :) I have a day off tomorrow, so we will have to start filming again to get some good vids!! :) 

Thank you for the suggestion Nonnie <3 ~Nova