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London calling

best track: Me And Some Geezers Took A Right Royal Shit in The Queen’s Cuppa Tea Innit

worst track: Me and My Twoz-Wozzlers Havin a Cheeky Peek in Nandos


Shuffle your music and put the first 10 songs then tag people for the challenge

I was tagged by zzzz-zen for the music challenge 🎵🎶

1) Flawless - Beyoncé
2) Q.U.E.E.N - Janelle Monáe
3) Red - MYKL
4) Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj
5) Machu Picchu - The Strokes
6) Rock Me - One Direction
7) Never Never - SBTRKT
8) Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna
9) Good Thing - Sage the Gemini ft. Nick Jonas

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Dylan and Gambit work through some common misconceptions about DID and volunteer their personal opinions.

Special Thanks and credit to the Ghost System at for their original masterpost that both inspired this video and from which we took the myths we debunk.
Their original post is here.



The boys from Twisted have finally put up their intro video. Check it out! :)

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What happens when two friends who are DID hang out? Do they trigger each other? For instance would a friend's child alter trigger someone elses child alter to come out? Sorry if that sounds dumb but i am curious

It’s certainly not dumb, it’s actually a pretty good question!

In some occasions, yes. I know that even just being around children can sometimes trigger one of my littles to come out. And sometimes being around anything that’s similar to my alters can trigger them out. A good example of this is when I worked as an actor in a haunted house- My alter Quinn, who claims to actually be a ghost, would come out a lot while I was there, although I didn’t know it at the time. And sometimes talking to other people with DID can trigger one of my alters to come out to talk too.

But this all depends on the person and situation. There are plenty of times when people with DID can talk, hang out, etc, and not switch. I think you should ask twozland what their take on this is, being that (from what I understand) they’re two DID systems that live together :) They may be able to give more insight on this than I can, having never physically met another person with DID (that I know of, anyway!). 


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PSA about TwOz

Hey everyone, we now have two new pages up on sidebar, one is a Resources List that Nova put together during her placement today at during the morning. She found a heap of links that might help people through DID, Depression, other mental issues, great websites and other stuff.

The other is a TwOz Art page with links for pages where TwOz can post art, and another link to the pictures and art of TwOz that our friends created that they allowed us to post on their behalf. 

Hope you can have a quick stalk and check it out, as everyone involved (mostly our friends that took the time to create amazing work for us) worked really hard to create. -Alex


This video sums up exactly how TwOz feels about feminazis and UhOhBro is awesome.

He believes in feminism and equality, and he says everything PERFECTLY. ~Dyl

ivyontheflipside said: You should do one that showcases a talent everyone has. Like, one by one show them. That would be so cool.
skipthestatic said: We really enjoyed stories of things alters have done between the systems and explanations of the families in there when we watched your old channel

Thanks guys for the suggestions!! We’ll definitely add them to the list of videos. These are really great ideas :) You guys rock! <3