twoxjamie remember...? -Doctor [Anonymous]

Och coorse Ah min’ ye.

Mebbe Ah forgot ye fur a bit.

But ne'er coods Ah forgit ye forever.

Yer smile gart me feel fluffy inside. E'en if it was at th’ wrang times.

Ah wasnae th’ brightest laddie, but wi’ ye Ah felt mair than Ah was.

Yer tooch gart me feel safe.

Ah ne'er wanted ye tae lit me gang.

Ye waur th’ greatest bodie in mah life.

Ah didne need anyain else.

Only ye.

Ah loove ye, Doctor.

By the request of an anon, I have made it reblogable and have tagged it.

My brother Daniel and I were just saying that Frazer Hines should return to Doctor Who, and then we were saying that, as we don’t want Moffat writing Jamie, Fraze should just replace Moffat as showrunner.

I said “He’d probably make Two/Jamie canon.”

Daniel said “Two/Jamie isn’t already canon?!?” (And he doesn’t even approve of shipping most of the time!)

This post offered the idea of Two’s headband resembling that of a Sailor Scout, rendering him Sailor Gallifrey. Since those episodes were black-and-white, I had to completely guess on some of the colors.

(Not pictured are an angry and shirtless Ben Jackson and a Jamie McCrimmon who is oddly too comfortable with being kiltless before the Doctor.)