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With the episode Battle of the Bastards showing a (possibly) very different battle of fire in Mereen, I'm beginning to rethink the three heads of the dragon. I'm starting to think they're not all dragon riders. That since Dany is their mother, why should she just give her children away to whoever? Just because in the past they had a specific rider? No one has ever had more than one hatchling at once that I can remember. Do you think she'll just control them like in the show or was Jorah right?

“I’m starting to think [the three heads of the dragon are] not all dragon riders.” Nobody ever said they were. At least not in the books. I mean, I do think the other two of the three heads of the dragon will be dragonriders, eventually, and will bond with Viserion and Rhaegal, but they will probably spend a lot of time not riding dragons beforehand. (I’m not sure we’ll even see Jon or Tyrion riding dragons in TWOW – it may be an ADOS thing only.) I also believe there will be dragonriders who are not the three heads of the dragon. (Victarion, maybe; Euron, probably; maybe Aegon if the dragons don’t kill him first, so there can be an actual Second Dance of the Dragons; maybe others.) But the other two heads of the dragon will be the last and true riders of Viserion and Rhaegal.

Dany knows she cannot ride all three of her dragons.

“My children have grown wild and angry in the dark.”
“You… you mean to ride them?”
“One of them. All I know of dragons is what my brother told me when I was a girl, and some I read in books, but it is said that even Aegon the Conqueror never dared mount Vhagar or Meraxes, nor did his sisters ride Balerion the Black Dread. Dragons live longer than men, some for hundreds of years, so Balerion had other riders after Aegon died… but no rider ever flew two dragons.”

—ADWD, Daenerys VIII

This is the scene where she’s showing her bound dragons to Quentyn Martell, to test him, to see if he likes dragons / the dragons like him, because “my marriage need not be the end of all your hopes”, because she believes the other two heads of the dragon will be her husbands, because she very likely believes they must be dragonriders as well. Quentyn did not pass this test (and certainly not later, when he tried to tame a dragon to prove he was still worthy), but if Dany sees a man who does ride one of her dragons, she almost certainly will wonder if he is one of the three heads / someone she should marry. Whether she will be correct in this belief (dragonrider = a head of the dragon = her husband), fully or even partially, we will just have to see.

Also, since we’ve seen nearly all of the Battle of Fire in the two Barristan and two Tyrion preview TWOW chapters that have been released/read, we know for a fact that yes, it will be extremely different from the show. Dany’s not there, man, the dragons are wild. Barristan’s leading an army attacking the Yunkai, Tyrion and Jorah are with the Second Sons, Victarion’s fleet is landing. The Dragonbinder horn is about to be blown, and lord knows what’s going to happen then. But it won’t be a damn thing like the show.


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Do you think there's a chance Jon becomes KitN like in GOT?

(TWOW spoilers)

It’s certainly possible given Robb’s will, but I doubt it. First of all, Stannis is still alive in the books, and will not stand for another King in the North. Second, I strongly believe Stannis is the one to defeat the Boltons, so there won’t be a battle for Jon to lead and thus prove himself worthy of a crown (not that he actually did prove himself in the show, but I’ve said my piece on that). Third, the clans know Bran is alive, and they won’t be the only ones after Bran speaks to Stannis from the weirwood at the crofter’s village, as hinted in Theon’s released TWOW chapter. Fourth, assuming Stannis defeats the Boltons, Ramsay won’t be around to kill Rickon, so the latter will have a claim to make. Fifth, Sansa’s about to show up with an army, and I really don’t see GRRM dismissing her claim as blithely and inexplicably as the showrunners.

Finally, speaking of things the show just glossed over: it’s going to be a rather big deal that Jon came back from the dead, and that he was specifically brought back by the power of a foreign religion. Remember the Greatjon at Robb’s crowning? “Even their gods are wrong.” 

For all the Stark kids, the most important thing in endgame as I see it is that they are together (in WF), safe and as happy as it’s possible for them to be, and that they have as much agency as possible in their own lives. 

This re Sansa: currently LF is using her for his own revenge-on-dead-people plans and he is actively trying to change her into his cynical, unscrupulous sidekick with benefits (both sexual and social/status). He has equated her safety with her complying with his plans (still largely unknown to her) and ultimately also his methods, and her real father and his values with failure and being weak and helpless, plus he’s sexually grooming her. Sansa very much ignores her own instincts when it comes to LF because, to her, he is the one thing standing between her and death, beatings, the black cells etc.*

Cut because possible spoilers.

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What on earth is going to happen to Arya? She seems to me to be the biggest conundrum of all the characters (in terms of futer plot events). Thematically she is drawn to the starks and so will hopefully participate in a reunion, but beyond that... Clearly she is becoming amazing at assasination so she can kill someone important but who? I've heard all sorts of guesses from LF to Daenerys. But if so why? What will she do in the mean time? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks!

(TWOW spoilers)

I don’t think Arya gets sent on a mission from the Faceless Men–in fact, I think she’s be about to get kicked out, or have to run for her life from them. Killing Raff is different from killing Dareon. The latter had no connections to anyone important, and Arya was careful to ensure that there were no witnesses; the former was the guard to the Westerosi ambassador, and Raff’s fellow guard very clearly saw who Raff went off with. Which means Izembaro’s going to get in trouble, which means the FM’s reputation now takes a hit with a contact. Arya’s now an active liability to the House of Black and White, because she refuses to let go of Arya Stark.  

I really don’t see Arya as a professional assassin in the long run (if she does kill anyone else of note, it’ll be someone like Walder Frey or maybe Ilyn Payne). Really, Needle if nothing else made it screamingly obvious that this was never going to work. For me, the question was never whether she was going to leave the Faceless Men–it was when and how. The FM ideology and training regimen make for an ideal abstraction/encapsulation of one side of Arya’s story: the intertwined struggle of violence and identity. (The other side being her empathy for and relationships with smallfolk and strivers, emphasized as much in the streets of Braavos as it was in the Riverlands.) Arya’s time with the FM is meant to push her to the brink. The organization is basically a giant metaphorical externalization of her struggle with her names and her list, constructed in AFFC and ADWD (as, again, it was in the Riverlands with “Jaqen”) as a test, a gauntlet for Arya to run. And I firmly believe that it ends with her going home, as nobody but Arya. 

The question of how was IMO answered in Theon’s released TWOW chapter: Justin Massey’s going to Braavos…and while he’s been told to drop Jeyne Poole off with Jon at Castle Black, I think the post-assassination chaos will lead him to instead bring her along to the city. Because I can’t think of a more pure and perfect spark for Arya shedding all other identities than to run across someone posing as Arya Stark.

As such, I think she heads back to Westeros with them. Once she gets there, well, there are a lot of elements that seem nigh-guaranteed to come into play (you mentioned the Starkling reunion, but also reunions with Gendry, Nymeria, and one hopes Sandor), but they could coalesce in any number of ways. I’m sure she’ll do something preposterously badass with that wolfpack at some point.