I'm such a sucker for curses and exclamations in fictional worlds

For example:

The Wheel of Time: “Light!” “Peace!” “Blood and bloody ashes!” “Burn you!”

The Elder Scrolls: “By the nine!” “You n'wah!” “S'wit!” “Fetcher!”

The Stormlight Archive: “Stormfather!” “Storms!” “Storming (…)!” 

Mistborn: “Lord Ruler!”

Warbreaker: “Colors!”

Red Rising: “Bloodydamn", “Gorydamn", “slagging"


Twice and twice shall he be marked,

twice to live, and twice to die.

Once the heron, to set his path.

Twice the heron, to name him true.

Once the Dragon, for remembrance lost.

Twice the Dragon, for the price he must pay.


2 hours. Tried a slightly different approach, and it worked a lot better.

And LIGHT, YES. C’mere fellow TWoT-reader! I need to embrace you and twirl with you in my arms and then I’ll gently put you back down again before it gets too awkward…

Thank you for the prompt! <3

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shemlenlethallan  asked:

I was rereading Kirkwall again, and I had to ask: AU in which Nathaniel goes with Vee to Kirkwall? He's just so lonely and sad... (Anders doesn't count as company)

first off, let me just say, that last line kills me and i love it. also thank you for this i think about it A Lot but obviously haven’t done anything with it and i just. am glad for the excuse.

in which nathaniel follows vir’era to kirkwall

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Varric Tethras of the Dwarven Merchants Guild of Kirkwall is famous (or infamous) for two things: his books, and his association with the Champion of Kirkwall.

After the Templars and Circles broke away from the Chantry, Divine Justinia V sent her agents to Kirkwall—where the roots of the war began—in search of answers. The Champion had long since disappeared, but Varric had written a book on his friends’ involvement in the destruction of the Kirkwall Chantry, and the Left and Right Hands of the Divine located him with surprising ease. They captured and interrogated him, then brought him to the Conclave to give his testimony to the Divine in person, but fate decreed that he would never meet her.

The Mac Tirs and TWOT2

‘thought i’d regroup all the mac tirs facts here because lbr i’m a mac tir mess also i’m gonna ignore that TWOT called Celia “Maeve” because seriously wtf

  • Celia met Loghain as an acting representative of the people of Gwaren - they were concerned about their new teyrn camping in a tent in the middle of a courtyard and not doing a thing about the state of the Keep of Gwaren (which was basically ruins);
  • Their first meeting did not go well. Reportedly, they “had a word, which turned into an argument, which turned into a shouting match”;
  • In the end he gave in and asked her to supervise the plans to rebuild the Keep. He asked for her hand 2 months later;
  • Loghain left the teyrnir in the hands of his wife, as he was away in Denerim at Maric’s side;
  • At his wife’s request (there was, again, a lot of shouting, and rumors of dragon roosting in the castle), Loghain began taking Anora to Denerim regularly when she turned 7;
  • He braided his daughter’s hair regularly;
  • He told her bedtime stories about his battles and adventures;
  • He would stop in the middle of a meeting to tend to his daughter’s injury (mainly, skinned knees);
  • He sneaked cookies into cabinet meetings;
  • Celia was as stubborn as Loghain, which is saying something considering how freaking stubborn he can be;
  • Anora became queen in 9:25, around ~22 years old;
  • Celia died in 9:28, and Loghain never came back to Gwaren after her passing;
  • Anora defeated an ogre at 20 in circumstances both she and Cailan refuse to discuss;
  • Upon defeating said giant, asked for “a lot of drinks. maybe all the drinks they have”

if you found more feel free to add to the list!!

anonymous asked:

Another word that's pretty bad in America apparently is "twat", which I've always used kind of interchangeably with "twit." It's kind of an affectionate term used here in my experience, like "silly billy", but it's on a par with "cunt" by their (standards) in America. They also pronounce it "twot" which is weird.

It’s the pronunciation that weirds me out the most, ha. There’s an “a” right there! How is there an “o”? Pfft.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: do u think hannibal is really over. i mean, i sat up for three days straight trying to make sure that they were going to trend on twitter. then on top of my two fathers throwing themselves off a cliff, i have to watch as bryan fuller twitter twots or whatever abt how mads and hugh almos kiss??? they almos kiss the kiss???kiss??? and he cut that out. he just cut it out of me, out of me soul. hannibal can't be over. bc u kno what if hannibal is over then this life is over bc i was clearly meant for another world hahaha haha. haha. ha. please save me from this fandom