Prime-1324 Report 1

Planetary Alliance Administration craft Phoenix: cadet Prime-1324 of Sector 7 subsection 53 reporting in. 

Salutations, this is Leif Ogzod Borgenhaust – or Prime-1324 as they call me in the Planetary Alliance Administration.  This is the first report of many as I begin my missions and travels as a PAA member.  I aim to move up in the ranks and become one of the top members of Sector 7. 

Now a little bit about me.  I was born and raised on the plant Gexion and then I went to the prestigious Bzvog Academy.  I took challenging courses and excelled.  I am fluent in English, Zztcht, Yohggleborg, Chattinian, Lukklukk, Chinese, and Garksbek.  I met my friend Kiiwapa, Prime 1323, at the Academy.  She is an asset to the PAA and we make a great team.  At first Kiiwapa had trouble finding her way at Bzvog and would get lost often.  After a few days I noticed that she started following me everywhere I went.  There was one incident where she followed me into the gentleman’s room and I had to tell her that she couldn’t be in there with me!  She didn’t understand why and ran off in tears.  Later I apologized and then we became very good friends.  She is quite the Lukkanite and still has a bit to learn about humans.  For example, she announced to everyone over the Academy speakers that I was her best friend.  I got a lot of grief from the other students.  They were still laughing when she came to find me and she misinterpreted that laughter.  She was just so happy I didn’t have the heart to tell her how embarrassing it was for me.  Also, I first discovered her talent when I lost my grip and fell off the simulated crater wall during a tough training session.  She was so worried about me and then she just picked me up and rushed me to the medical center.  I was so shocked to find that she had amazing strength for someone of 4 and a half feet.  We shared many other exciting experiences at the Academy and we graduated together in the same unit.  I am ready to work hard and become a valuable member of the PAA.  I hope you will consider me for some of the most taxing missions available.   

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