things that would make a strong torchwood s5:

  • great trio dynamic between jack/gwen/rex, while respecting the jack/gwen dynamic but not treating rex like a third wheel
  • martha and mickey joining the torchwood team
  • inclusion of dw/twood canon elements/characters
  • reference to the doctor, heck even having the doctor (preferably 10th) in it
  • a storyline that moves the series forward and out of the s1+2 past ideas
  • a storyline that respects the deaths of prev twood characters (and equally, not with emphasis on a certain character) but doesn’t make the whole storyline about it
  • resolution/explanation for rex’s immortality
  • continuation of three families plot
  • great home dynamic with gwen and rhys and anwen that doesn’t affect jack/gwen
  • diverse torchwood team with sexualities explicitly stated and not just inferred
  • another hub
  • more dinosaurs
  • more damon albarn appreciation. when song 2 and feel good inc played in series 2, it made the series
  • john hart <333333
  • pc andy <333
  • time agency jack/john flashbacks
  • new characters to move the series forward

things that would make a weak torchwood s5:

  • bringing ianto jones back

  • ??

  • anyway make torchwood s5