what is it?

  • a brand-new network for people who love this terrible garbage show, brought to you by elizabeth fauchelevent  and lex riversongshusbands

what do i have to do?

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we’ll pick 10-15 members by january 2nd and you’ll get a message from me if you’ve been accepted telling you what to do!

what you’ll get:

  • some cool new friendos who also love torchwood
  • a neat tag (#twoodnet) in which to post edits, fanmixes, selfies, tears because this show is horrendously sad, you get the idea
  • people to notice + reblog your stuff!
  • a Community!

that’s it for now! go go go!

things that would make a strong torchwood s5:

  • great trio dynamic between jack/gwen/rex, while respecting the jack/gwen dynamic but not treating rex like a third wheel
  • martha and mickey joining the torchwood team
  • inclusion of dw/twood canon elements/characters
  • reference to the doctor, heck even having the doctor (preferably 10th) in it
  • a storyline that moves the series forward and out of the s1+2 past ideas
  • a storyline that respects the deaths of prev twood characters (and equally, not with emphasis on a certain character) but doesn’t make the whole storyline about it
  • resolution/explanation for rex’s immortality
  • continuation of three families plot
  • great home dynamic with gwen and rhys and anwen that doesn’t affect jack/gwen
  • diverse torchwood team with sexualities explicitly stated and not just inferred
  • another hub
  • more dinosaurs
  • more damon albarn appreciation. when song 2 and feel good inc played in series 2, it made the series
  • john hart <333333
  • pc andy <333
  • time agency jack/john flashbacks
  • new characters to move the series forward

things that would make a weak torchwood s5:

  • bringing ianto jones back

  • ??

  • anyway make torchwood s5

i’m here for anyone who would like any recs on what tollywood movie they want to watch or starters or anything JUST HIT ME UP and bless telugu industry bc almost all the movies are infact on youtube…..wait for it…..W SUBS.