June 27, 2017:

All three inseminations are done.

Now we start the waiting.

I feel like this cycle has ran smoothly and the way it was supposed too. I feel like the timing of our inseminations was as good as it gets, so we’ll see. I can’t do anything else, but wait as patiently as I can.

I will start progesterone on Thursday, and I will go on July 10th for my Beta.

Please be the cycle for us!


June 24, 2017:


7 appointments, 7 blood draws, and 10 shots in just 13 days.

The first half of the cycle always goes the fastest and I always feel the most calm during it. I feel the most in control of the process, I can see progress through scans, I feel successful. I can grow follicles. I am doing my job on this journey.

Then comes the inseminations. I get anxious around this time. Working with a known donor we have to take into account both of our schedules. I want the timing to be perfect, but what is perfect timing? Does the sperm sit out too long? Are the inseminations close enough to ovulation? This is when I still have some control of the situation, but it’s slowly fading away.

I triggered around 11:15 am. We’re going to inseminate tonight, tomorrow night (which should be right around the time I ovulate), and one more time on Monday night.

Today the doctor told me that I have 2 mature follicles and 3 intermediate follicles. He said we have a 30% chance of twins and 5% chance of triplets. Here’s to cycle #4 and that some spermies meet up with at least one of those mature follicles.


So you know how about 99% of people consider having your girlfriend/boyfriend meet the family to be the ‘keeper test’?

For me, MY CAT is the keeper test!

Proof: when I first started dating, it was with this boy. At one point, he came over to pick me up ‘cuz we were going on a date to an art museum. He liked cats, so when he saw my cat when I brought him into the house, he immediately tried doing all he could to get her to like him (i.e. letting her come to him, letting her sniff him). She did not like him. She didn’t try to bite or scratch him, but she just headed the other way when she saw him and shied away from him all the time. On the other hand, my parents liked him a lot. 

About 2 months later, him and I broke up. Then I discovered that while we had been dating, he had been seeing some Texas dude at the same time.

Skip about a year into the future, when I started dating this girl. She also liked cats. When she came over to my place to watch anime with me, my cat laid on her lap and purred as loud as she does for me (extremely loud), and my cat pretty much made her into her other mom. My parents liked her well enough, but when I told them that we were dating, they got a bit uncomfortable. Relationship couldn’t last, but if she could’ve stayed longer (she had to go back to her home country), it probably would’ve lasted.

Lesson learned: if my cat doesn’t like someone, break it off. If my cat likes someone, keep ‘em!

2nd lesson learned: my cat wants 2 moms, then I’ll get her the best other mom I can get!

4th Medicated Cycle

Cycle #3 was also a negative. It’s a little disheartening. We had success pretty quickly with Milo and medicated cycles, so this seems like an eternity.

I am taking more meds this time, and my emotions have been all over the place. One minute I can be fine, and the next minute I can’t hold back the tears.

I know we want another baby. I want Milo to have a sibling, but this has been even harder this go around. How far do we want to go? How long do we want to try?

There are so many questions unanswered and it’s a bit overwhelming.

Let’s see where cycle #4 gets us.


May 21, 2017:

Medicated cycle #3

Here we go again. It’s been awhile.

Cycle #2 was a negative. After speaking with our doctor, I had an HSG done to make sure my tubes were clear. Everything looked good, so hopefully the flush will help the little spermies again this cycle. We had this procedure done before we conceived Milo, so hopefully it’s the missing link. Because of the HSG, we took April off, but this gave us time to have our donor complete a sperm analysis (we didn’t think anything would show up, but we wanted to check anyway). His results came back perfectly normal and he shared some pretty funny stories about the whole experience.

My cycle started on the 18th, so I’m CD4 today. Our actual doctor did the scan on cd3, and he decided to be a little bit more aggressive with the medication. I started letrozol last night and we took a 150 follistim shot. We don’t usually start the follistim until cd5 and we usually only do 75 unit shots. Although he is being aggressive, our doctor is very conservative. I trust in his methods, so hopefully this is exactly what we need.

Come on lucky cycle #3!!



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