twokinds of happiness

WELL WELL WELL!!! what do we have here >:D

Looks like Tom… but wait…. he looks different!

Well kiddies! If that’s what you though you’re right!~

This is what I call Tom’s “Darkkind” and ‘Lightkind",  the equivalent to Marks darkipliers and lightipliers!


Moving along… these are trial sketches and missing many details like lights wings, shirt designs, clothing designs and so on. Not all colors are permanent (or they may be dunno), and yes, i used the color pink :3

I can see Tom’s light as a dirty blonde as opposed to Mark’s light being a lighter blonde~

And i lover the eye colors i chose…. though im thinking of making  Darkkinds eyes darker or changing the color completely~

I think and hope i’m the first to ever so this…. and please don’t be afraid to correct me if i’m wrong~

but yes~ i hope you all enjoy~