Without The Bitter The Sweet Isn't As Sweet
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Without the Bitter, The Sweet isn’t as Sweet : Mayday Parade

We used to be something surreal

Others looked to us for what we built

We were envied to the point
The point in which we fell
We fell by the wayside, and slowly watched ourselves die
A lonely death in which no one cared and no one came
When the walls cave in, we only have ourselves to blame
And even if it’s dark at least we’ll be together
Slowly sinking in the earth to lay forever
You better grab a hold and hold on for your life
Because you don’t get lucky twice
Now even if it’s perfect, I can’t get carried away
And motivate my tongue in twisted ways
It felt like a good night, for dancing and the moonlight
In empty streets, well, everybody’s got a reason why
If we could only just get it right
Maybe it will all work out like in the movies
But I know Romeo must die before the ending
With a final poison kiss delivered gently
Because you don’t get lucky twice, and that’s the truth
Sing to me sweet, just like my memory
If New York City still moves me
Then I found something real
I’ll be okay, I could go on for days
But I just don’t have the courage that it takes to be real
And even if it’s dark at least we’ll be together
Slowly sinking in the earth to lay forever
You better grab a hold and hold on for your life
Because you don’t get lucky twice
No, you don’t get lucky twice

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thank you muchly for the promo! :) I gained 20 followers reallllllly fast lol WOW I didnt expect that! :D you're a bowl full of awesomeness

You are welcome & that is super crazy!! ^_^
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twokidsnlove answered your question: what do you do when your boyfriend says he doesn’t care if you hang out with your ex-boyfriend?

he trusts you. but then again it could mean he hangs with his ex too. maybe you should ask him! thats your best bet.

we’ve talked about both of us hanging out with the opposite sex. because he knows i have more guy friends than girls. & i know he has friends that are girls. I trust him and he trusts me! That’s something that i really like about my relationship with him!
How to make Ringtones for your iPhone.

**I have a Mac, but I’m pretty sure it’s self explanatory for Windows once you read. and this is brief as hell**

Step 1. Choose the song you want to make a ringtone (duh). Right click and click get info>Options. Select the time you want it to start & end. No more than 30 seconds.

Press OK.

Step 2. Right click the same song again so that you see the option “Create AAC Version

As soon as you do that, up pops your 30-second song.

Step 3. Right click the 30-second song and click “Show in Finder

you’ll see this:

(or whatever your finder screen layout is)

Right click the song that has the extension .m4a and click “properties”. Then change .m4a to m4r

Click exit.

Step 4. Once you’ve changed it, go back into iTunes and delete the 30 second song. Drag the .m4r version you just made into iTunes. If you didn’t already have the “Tones” section, it should be there now.

Step 5. Finally. Plug in your phone. Drag the ringtone into the section where your iphone is all hooked up and what not…and then bam. It should be on there.

I lied. this wasnt brief at all.

EDIT: And don’t forget to go back and uncheck the start and end time for the original song once you’re done with everything :)

I'm kinda mad.

Sooo is now -___-’ 

somehow they suspended my account. so I guess all my music is gone. I’ve had a hypster for like 3 years. I guess I have to use streampad permanently now…

I fucking hate Streampad