twok and tsfs

Tweaking The timelines

First of all, Jim Prime survived Generations. with help from Picard, he went to romulus (about 20 years before the super nova) having heard about Spock`s mission to reunify romulans and vulcans. there , the two are reunited, (hint hint, nudge nudge) 

about twenty years after, the super nova occurs and Jim and Spock are thrown into the kelvin timeline. where they are promptly captured by Nero. the Romulan gets Spock to comply by threatening and Injuring Jim. the two are dumped on delta vega so that they can watch the destruction of vulcan. shortly after, The younger, Blue-eyed Jim comes along and is kind of shocked at seeing an older version of himself. he`s more shocked at how close Jim and Spock prime are. the first movie pretty much continues as normal from there. except when Spock prime is conversing with his younger self, Jim finds the younger version of bones and tells him, “if your captain ever gets into a fight to the death on an alien planet, slip him a neural paralyser and fake his death, it`ll work like a charm.“ 

A year later, around the time of Into Darkness. Jim is on earth for some reason, and narrowly avoids the vengeance hitting earth. Khan very nearly runs into him, Jim recognises the cold malice filled eyes and gasps. the old admiral stands nearby and watches, expecting his younger self to come running after the augment leader. to his confusion, it`s the younger Spock that comes running. confusion quickly turns to shock as Jim puts two and two together. after khan`s defeat and the revival of younger kirk. Jim visits his younger self in hospital. he tells the younger trio the story of khan in his timeline. (space seed/TWOK/TSFS and to a certain extent the voyage home) when he gets to the part about Spock`s katra inside McCoy, the younger bones glares at Spock and makes a smart comment. Spock, naturally has a logical retort which leads bones to insult him and make both Jims` laugh.

Two weeks before the events of beyond, Kelvin timeline Jim has the following conversation with Bones 

Kirk: I had the strangest dream last night. 

Bones: What about?

Kirk: Call me crazy but, i dreamt that you hit Spock and i with pillows.

the reason for this was because Jim and Spock Prime had both passed away in the night. Bones prime had appeared and whacked them both with a pillow to wake them up.

Bones: wake up you lovebirds! I may have forever but i ain`t spending it waiting for you two. 

Jim: What the? Bones? you`re alive?

Bones: No, i`m not alive, you`re dead jim. 

Spock: Fascinating.

Bones: fifty something years and you haven`t changed a bit Spock, you`re just as warm and friendly as ever.

Spock: neither have you doctor, You still have a penchant for irrelevancy.

 Bones flips open a communicator.

Bones: McCoy to enterprise, three to beam up.


A/N: I had to do this. i always wondered what would happen if Jim had gone to the kelvin timeline with Spock. 

@penguinpower1101 Oh my gosh this is wonderfully sweet!! Thank you so much for submitting this!!!