***photo by twohandstochoke***

Edit,  edit!  I blame the tumblr app for that completely nonsensical post.  Here is more or less what I meant to say…

Happy holidays everyone!
Hope you are all having a great time with friends or an awkward time with family.
I’m still away so I thought I’d answer an old question from anonymous.

Anonymous asked you:

would you ever wear a zentai suit cjros?

The answer is clearly yes! It’s easy to wear, form fitting, relatively inexpensive and fun, so there is little reason not to.  In this picture, I’m wearing a suit owned by twohandstochoke, who convinced me it would be fun to take pictures in it. It was super fun and I’d happily see some spandex beneath my present tree alongside the leather and latex goodies that you all sent me:-)
Any way, I wish you all a kinky good holiday and lots of rubbery in the new year. 

anonymous asked:

The boots: what do rubber/latex/shiny wearers use? Are tall rubber boots popular at gatherings? If so, what brand? What goes best with rubber wear? Does brand (Hunter) matter?

Hey Anon,

     Boots, boots, boots. I’ve seen rubber people wear all sorts of different boots at events and at home. The main styles of boots that I see out are leather army boots, gumboots/wellingtons and motocross boots, though I’ve also seen latex, goth-style boots and the really tall, thigh-high boots. It really depends on your preference.

      For the most part, I don’t think people really care what kind of boots you wear. Certain types of footwear go better with some outfits, and others hint at the type of scene that you are interested in. Wellingtons and muddy, gunge play or watersports; army boots and master/slave/bootlicking type play; etc. 

       I would say that my favourite type of boot is the good old leather army boot. They suit a lot of different outfits, they have a nice thick heel that keeps your body as far away from the dirty pub floors as possible, and they just make me feel confident. The brand really doesn’t matter so much to me, but maybe it does for some people. Our good friend twohandstochoke, for example, has more boots than anyone I know, so he might be a fun person to chat boots with!

Do you have a preference for the boot type that you wear?


A year and a half ago I started my Tumblr with this sentiment:

This is bound to increase my productivity

With Twitter, I’m sure this still applies. I can only thank twohandstochoke for delaying my thesis graduation time by another year.

Considering my tendency for verbosity, I have a hard time imagining how I’ll use my Twitter account, and probably won’t say too much until I figure out how it works. If you want to follow me, I’m can be found at Cj_ros until I find a way to kick off the little dorkus that has taken cjros. So yeah, anyone have any tweeting advice?