So sad that I missed the premier of this movie last May, but now the DVD is out!

#TwoGuysOneGirl 😈
#Bromance #Bacon #JDMasFuck

Starring: @aprilxmichelle @ayorenz @billest_
Directed by @kingoffitment aka @cheez80

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A Nightmare ?


   This is a dream from last night. I woke up sobing. o.O

   I was running with two guys and trying to find a place to hide to get away from some mad people who were trying to kill me. It was an afternoon on a countryside. We found an old barn so we went inside and blocked the gate/door. The mad people was trying to break through. One dude  who was with me said that we could pretend that we’re dead and they’ll leave us alone. So he “hanged” himself with a metal hoop. By the way, he was dressed up like a clown. The other dude thought that the plan was silly and the mob won’t be easily get tricked. He looked around to find some sharp things and found a thick wooden stick. He promised me that the mad people are not going to take me away. He said, “There’s no other option than to fight these mad folks.” He opened the gate/door and fought until the last man went down. After this dream, another dream took over and it was weird, not worth mentioning.  

  It was just a dream but could this mean something? I mean, I’m talking to three dudes lovey dovely in reality but it can’t be related to that, right? *sigh I wish this dream has a meaning.