Which TFD Mod You Should Fight

in list order from our /modinfo page

Komaeda: Nobody has spoken to Mod Ko in literal years. Fight her, just so we know what’s going on. 

Junko: Has a tendency to go from calm genderfluid teddy bear to homicidal axe-murderer in three seconds flat. You may win if you can keep weapons out of her reach, but would you really feel accomplished? Only fight him if you’re desperate for a win.

Asahina: Plays RPGs and violent video games, but I don’t believe she’s ever actually been in a fight. You could probably win but she’d pull a surprise KO out of nowhere if you’re not careful.

Hagakure: Mod Hagakure is six feet tall and a solid-built frame. Even though there are a number of people (”a number” being one, and that one is Mod Mukuro) who likely want to smack him in the face, it’s probably not a good idea to fight him.

Genocider Syo: Why would you even want to fight Mod Syo? They don’t even…they don’t do anything. They sit in the corner and play JRPGs instead of their coursework. Don’t fight Mod Syo.

Twogami: Mod Twogs is 5′0″ and has spent all his 13 years of life filled with an unholy rage that only people of his particular stature can understand. Only fight him if you’re not afraid to have your arm broken when you put your hand on his head to stop his short arms from being able to hit anything but that arm.

Fukawa: Mod Fukawa is a tired and frustrated student whose time at uni has left her unable to do anything but what she’s been studying to do. You would win a fight against her, but under no circumstances should you ever play against her in Pokemon; she will kick your ass.

Chihiro: If so much as one hair on her head is displaced the entire group will be coming at you with those Nazi-issued Tesseract guns from Captain America and Age of Ultron, except we weren’t taught by the Imperial Stormtroopers. You would win your fight against Mod Chihiro but you would lose your life in the aftermath.

Naegi: Do not fight Mod Naegi. They may not look like they could win a fight against you but they’ll kick you in the crotch and then get Mod Hagakure to piledrive you into the frigid Swedish wasteland. Do not fight Mod Naegi.

Hinata: Mod Hinata is a pyromaniac potato, but she does not want to get baked. If you eat her then she will kill you by choking you and earn herself a win. If you cut her in half, now there are two potatoes. Potato win every time. Do not fight Hinata unless the nearest flammable device is herself.

Mukuro: Mod Mukuro has spent the last two years being the butt of almost everyone’s jokes, with the most heinous offender being Mod Hagakure; they have to snap eventually, and it’s your call whether you want the weight of all that latent rage to fall on you or some other poor sap. You would probably win a fight against Mod Mukuro but you shouldn’t fight them.

Mondo: Was a professional martial artist with ten black belts until career-ending injuries befell him in 2012. Still claims that nothing within arm’s reach can leave alive unless he allows it. Any other person on this list is a better option to take on. There is no possibility of victory for you in this fight, but you should absolutely fight Mod Mondo—-he wants you to.


“Don’t underestimate me! I don’t quit and I don’t run! You can act tough all you want! You’re not gonna scare me off! No way! I don’t care if I DO get stuck as a genin for the rest of my life! I’ll still be Hokage someday!”

just think while you’re having a bad day, there’s a chance calvin harris is either

a. actin a fool on snapchat 

b. doin some healthy shit (?????)

c. fuckin up some commas

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