In The Almost Darkness

Title: In The Almost Darkness
Verse: Things Will Only Get Better
Rating: NC-17/M 
Pairings: cisgirl!Klaine
Word Count: 1100+
Summary: Kurt and Blaine rebel in the perks of being on their own. 
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Mention of under-aged drinking; public sex.  
Authors Notes:  It’s part 3 of my Things Will Only Ger Better verse, in which we follow Kurt and Blaine in their new adventures during their first few months of finally living together in New York. (Based on canon Klaine - junior!Blaine, Kurt at, etc. - minus the Break Up.) And finally, my infinite gratitude to Star, for being the beta of this fic and for her encouraging words. |

They’re still getting used to this whole on their own thing. Having no curfews to bound them or parents in the next room that might be able to hear. No more are there nosy small town people who know their names, know their faces and might report back to Burt or a judgmental Mr. Anderson. Here in this huge city, they are just two more faces in a crowd; two unknown girls out for a wild night.


It’s way past what would be their usual curfew back in Lima, and tonight is one of those nights where they remember just how much liberty they possess in this endless town. They giggle as they stumble their way home, kissing on the sidewalk without a care, without a fear in the world.


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