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Finally the day had finished for him and he could go upstairs to lie down and sleep completely forgetting about the love of his life was currently relaxing from the many rounds she had put up with just for him. Quietly he entered his room still seeing her asleep tightly wrapped in his blankets on his bed just as it should be if she was his as well. He got out of his clothes and placed the picture into one of the draws before lying down next to her and pulling her into his arms smiling as he inhaled her natural scent.

Yet his sleep was not peaceful as the picture burnt constantly in the back of his mind.

Yoongi groaned as he opened his eyes for the hundredth time that night, carefully glancing at the clock before stretching his arms and getting ready to start the day well that was until he felt a gentle tug at his arm. A gentle smile fell onto his lips as he laid back down with her crawling closer to him, laying her head against his chest with contentment. Again he closed his eyes and relaxed into her only for a while though as he needed to get up. Slowly but surely he sneaked out from your grasp and got changed into his normal clothes sliding the picture back into his pocket. “Yoongi” she mumbled sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

“Go back to sleep Luck, you need the rest” Yoongi replies not daring to turn around to witness her sleepy figure otherwise he would give in. “Call me Neasa, Neasa Murphy” Neasa mumbles still rubbing her eyes to get rid of the sleep that remained in them. “Neasa” Yoongi repeated smiling at how well her name fitted her. “Neasa I’ll go get us breakfast then I have something to show you” Yoongi states before leaving the room and quickly looking into her room to see it newly decorated, he smiled as he saw everything on display just like he asked it to be. Carefully Yoongi took the picture that was in his pocket and stared at it once more he heart again began to twist as he saw the women he loved cuddling a little girl who looked just like her. “They could just be sisters” He mumbled to himself before putting the picture back in his pocket before leaving to collect the breakfast she was probably dying to taste.

The silence surrounded her as she observed the coldness and plainness of his room, he didn’t normally sleep her. He has a fancy apartment somewhere she just guessed that he stayed here only when he had too. The room was pure black woven into every inch and crook of the room. Everything looking just as bland as everything else. Fake just like everything in this dreaded building. Nothing showed of personality or like people actually lived her instead of worked here. Yet it was her day off and she was still here, she could go home, go anywhere but she chose to stay. Maybe it was because she was probably to sore or because he was her reason to stay. Everything about him was perfect yet she didn’t even know his real name. “Suga” she repeated in her head trying to see anything that would link him to his true identity but he isn’t stupid, why have a fake name if you can trace his real one.

Neasa waited and waited for Yoongi to comeback but it felt like forever and the longer she waited the more impatient she became and soon began to loose faith that he was actually going to return or whether him ‘checking on something’ was just a cover story and he would arrive once she went. Of course she didn’t want to believe that but then again this was a manager and owner of a strip club so can you really trust him? Her betraying thoughts were cut short as he entered with a tray full of food all for her and guilt washed over her tired face with a small smile as he approached her placing to tray next to her.

Carefully Yoongi sat back down next to her and helped her sit up trying to be as gentle as possible with his rough hands and undeniable strength. His eyes closed in peace as he leaned against the headboard of the bed as she tucked into the food he had brought up. He sighed as he took the picture out of his pocket and mumbled a “You never said you had a kid?” Yoongi asks just placing the photo in front of her just so they both could see. As soon as the words left his mouth she started chocking on her food looking up at him with wide eyes. Once she had swallowed she looked down at the photo at loss for words. “I mean you didn’t really have to tell me and I’m sorry for snooping but I had a surprise for you and I needed to know what you liked.” Yoongi states casually as if he wasn’t nearly as scared as he was right now. He was terrified of loosing her, he was scared she’d hate him and think of him as some creep who looked through her stuff.

“Well, I had her when I was 17 and it was all one big mistake but I love her either way. She currently lives with my mum and I am only working here to support her” She explains taking another bite of her food and looked surprised expression which covered his face. He had so many questions, questions which he didn’t know how to ask afraid whether they will offend her. “What’s her name? She looks so much like you” Yoongi asks a small smile forming on his lips knowing that she is single due to her daughter not living with the father. “Cara, after my nan and anyways, what’s your proper name?” she asks sending a cheeky wink his way.

“Min Yoongi” He replies a smile and a tint of blush forms on his cheeks.

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