Anyways… This was totally worth all my Procrastination time :D

I used Kuroshimaru’s tutorial  on how to edit sprites and make the ID card

Yeah my only problem there was that I didn’t have Gimp and I had to use Photoshop Elements and Paint Tool SAI, but pretty much the same process.

God editting is hard. Especially for the sprite I made on the ID card. I had to use 4 people. 4 FRIGGIN PEOPLE. 

If I ever have more Procrastination time, I’ll also do Takehiko’s sprite.


SHSL Bartender

Name: Hideaki Bicchieri [Father is Italian] ((Splendid Brightness // Italian Drinking Glass [Italian Occupational Last Name]))

Age: 15/16


  • Competed several times in the World Bartender Championship
  • Won various Bartending Awards from Competions
  • Participated in Flair Competitions (Roadhouse World Flair, Underground Flair League, Legends of Bartending, etc) 
  • Owns a bar with his father. He’s known as the “Flair Wizard” for his mastery in Flair Bartending (Flair Bartending is doing tricks along with making the drink such as juggling) 
  • Their bar is also famous for putting a surprising twist in “regular” drinks. Many celebrities have visited their bar. 

((Gonna find some more info~))


  • A bit sarcastic
  • Loves to help other people, but doesn’t forget to treat/help himself
  • Even Tempered
  • Socializes Easily 
  • May sometimes tease a person, but it’s just to joke around and maybe lighten up someone’s mood

Fun Facts

  • Half Italian/Half Japanese
  • He has Bottle Opener Rings on the middle finger of both his hands
  • Has a beer belt (Convenience :D)
  • When he’s angry he takes any type bottle and starts juggling them like he’s flairing, going a bit faster each second
  • Since the Hope’s Peak Academy doesn’t have liquor, he does his tricks with water bottles
  • Occasionally drinks. Moderate Drinker, and makes sure that he doesn’t get drunk (absolutely hates hangovers)

((EDIT: Resized the photo))


SHSL [Local] Hero

Name: Takehiko Yukimura ((Hero Prince//Snow Village))

Age: 15


  • Since he was a little kid, he’s always won “Good Citizen Awards” in class.
  • Is occasionally seen on the front of the newspaper because of a good deed he’s done ((Saving people from a burning building, capturing theives, etc [Nothing TOO serious though]))
  • Known for doing a lot of volunteer and community service. He’s usually helping out the local library or taking care of some elders.
  • Has gotten a few “Life Saving Awards” for his deeds. 


  • Humble and doesn’t like getting into arguments
  • Very Impulsive. Occasionally, he’ll blurt out something really mean. 
  • Tries to see the brighter side of things (but this started to change a bit with all the executions at Hope’s Peak Academy) 
  • Willing to do anything that will help the group progress forward

Fun Facts

  • He takes karate and kick boxing classes
  • His father is a fire fighter and his mom is a police woman. 
  • Marvel and DC fanboy. He likes them super hero comics/stories
  • ^ Because of this, he sometimes go to cons (the last time he went, he dressed up as Nightwing)
  • On weekends, he visits the library to read to little children, other than that, he practices his karate/kick boxing
  • He’s from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

((I’ll add more as time progresses))



Uhh….I’m still trying to wade off the jet-lag so I started doodling and listening to music. “Alice Human Sacrifice” came on, and at the same time I was thinking about Free! so yeah this happened.

Originally I was going to draw them according to personality and then I was like: NAH JUST DO COLOR. And then when I did, looks like the personalities did match the color .____.“ derp–

It’s under a Read More because lots of info~

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I’ve been practicing my lineless art/ sticker making skillz. So I decided that I draw all 3 of my DR OCs. I’ve already introduced Hideaki (SHSL Bartender) and Takehiko (SHSL [Ice] Sculptor). The One in the middle is Madoka Takanashi (he’s male, i kinda wanna fix his first name though) he is SHSL Billiard Player. 

I’ll put more info about him soon :D

So… the whole “SHSL Hero” thing was kinda bothering me for awhile because i was over-thinking it(?). Like one part of me would say that its okay and that its original, and then something else would say that it isn’t something that fits into the DR fandom. 

So I decided to make another version of Takehiko. Since his last name is “Yukimura” I thought that he could be a SHSL [Ice] Sculptor. I mean like… I can imagine him as one. And also, thanks to research, I found out that Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan actually has an annual ice sculpting competition… 

Same headcannons, same personality, just a different look and SHSL

I’m still at a cross-roads with what he should really be, but  I feel much safer with this idea :D