AfterEllen toast to marriage

When did you first know you wanted to get married?

We’ve been together for nine years so I’ve known for a long time but my girlfriend wasn’t as keen until the law changed and we were granted equal marriage.

Who popped the question and how?

I knew my girlfriend wasn’t totally convinced about marriage and so i’d said early on that I wouldn’t propose just in case it made her feel like she had to accept. We’re from Scotland and went to New York for my birthday a couple of years ago. I was harbouring hope that she would ask me but after our first day when we went up to the top of the Rockefeller centre and had dinner a lovely restaurant and saw a show on Broadway and she *still* hadn’t asked me, I realised I was being ridiculous and had to just let it go, accept it wasn’t happening and enjoy our holiday.
The next day, she had planned for us to go to the natural history museum because even though she finds museums boring she knows I’m a huge nerd. Afterwards, we walked through Central Park where we saw a couple getting married at the Ladies pavilion before we stopped to sit on a wee wooden bench next to the lake. We took a selfie and I was gazing happily at the view of the lake with the skyscrapers in the background when I realised she’d gone quiet. I turned around and she was holding a beautiful emerald cut diamond ring. She said she’d been waiting for the perfect moment and she felt like this was it. I cried and said yes and then we celebrated with champagne at the boathouse.

Why is equal marriage important to you?

To me equal marriage is really important, and small concessions like civil partnerships really don’t cut it. Our relationship is so strong and makes us so happy and there is no sensible reason why we can’t celebrate it with marriage.

What advice would you give other same-sex couples planning to get married?

Do it! One of the most amazing and surprising things for me has been the outpouring of love and support we have received. Family members who have in the pat said that they don’t believe we should be allowed to be married have overcome their issues and celebrated our relationship because they saw how committed and in love we are and how happy we make each other. My aunt who is a committed Catholic and who previously told me that she didn’t want me to get married, spent hours hand making a lovely framed picture with two brides in it and our wedding date. In normal day to day life people don’t tend to comment on your relationship but when you get married you just get this amazing sense of acceptance from everyone. It also feels amazing to now call my girlfriend my wife :)

We got married on 9th April so we’re still newly weds and despite living in Scotland, we got married in Las Vegas. It was fantastic and we didn’t experience any negativity or bad reactions from anyone when we announced our engagement and throughout the planning process. I love being married 😊

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He’s Annoyed

Still Not Over It


Good Mood

Home Sweet Home

Staring Is Rude

Midnight Hugs

He Wants A Baby

The Guys Make Fun Of You Two

Dressing Room


Ballet Dancer

Cereal Thief

You’re The One

Promise Ring

Hard Times

First Time Sleeping Over At His Place


He’s Angry With The Boys*

Shy On Stage

Sunday Mornings

Strong For Too Long

A Little Bit Of Help*

Long Distance Relationship

Protective Father

Do You Love Daddy?

Miserable Life

Oh, Because There Will Be More Dates?

Weird Boyfriend

Can I Get My Kiss?

Only One Date

Happy But Scared

See You Tomorrow

I Like This Color On You

The Boy On The Train

Sleepy On A Saturday Morning

Complicated Relationship

Take My Hand

Morning Breath Kisses


We’re Idiots



Monday Morning

Teddy Bear

The Truth

Never Lose Your Flames




Wedding Dress

Safe Word


Comforting Him

Good Dreams

Not Feeling Good

Tim Hortons

I’ll Pay Your For Cuddles


I’d Still Love You

He Tries To Teach You How To Play The Guitar

Small Bed

He Got A Pet

New Pair Of Jeans

So Easy To Love You

We Have Time

Lonely At Night

Family Parties

He Keeps A Journal

Mental Health

You Won’t Tell Anyone?

Come Closer

Turn Off The Tv

We Don’t Have To Live This Way

I’m Not Even A Choice

For Worse Or For Better


Birth Control (Daddy)


He’s Back (Daddy)

Getting Over A Fight

Lazy Bum

Kiss Cam

He Breaks Down



Three Little Words

Hot, Not Cute

No Sleeping On The Couch Tonight

Kiss Me Already

Sleepy On A Saturday Morning

I Care

A Bouquet Of Trash (DADDY)

You Don’t Love Me Enough


He Sees Your Tumblr

Try Again

Old Cover

He Wants A Baby

You See Him After The Breakup

Pillow Talk

The first “I Love You”

Sore The Next Morning

Silent Treatment

Late Night Crush

Too In Love

Just Saying

Horror Movie

Two Years Younger

So Little Time (Daddy)

Too Hot

Best Friends Don’t Do That


Jealous Of A Puppy

Cuddling On The Tour Bus

Lack Of Sleep

Busy Lives

Two Times Already

Rough Patch

Nothing To Worry About


Don’t Say Anything

Staring Contest

Why So Quiet?

It’s Just Not Me

Will You Shut Up?

He Knew Nothing Before Her

Everything Seems Boring Now

Married Life

Crappy Day

Waste The Night

Lunch Date

Teacher Crush

Sweet Dreams

Art Museum

Nights Like This

No Facial Hair

Don’t Let Your Stomach Speak

Sleepy On A Saturday Morning



Not Even Friends

Awfully Beautiful




Your Son Accidently Texts Him

Make Out

You Speak French

Brother Luke Trying to Get Ashton And You Back Together

Five More Days

Boob Guy Part Two

We Look Hot

Come Visit?

Liz Talks About You A Lot

Talking About His Shoulders


Ice Cream Obsession

Worst Band Ever

In A Few Minutes

Birthday Boy

He Forgets To Pick Up Your Daughter

Button Down Shirt

His Fucking Beard

We’re Good Parents


Does that mean I can join the band?

Annoyingly Cute

You Suck

Snapback Luke

Independent Woman 

Hungry Boy

He Hates His Band

Maybe One Day

You Have Like No Talent

Don’t Be Grumpy

Toilet Paper, Please


New Emojis




You’re Annoying

Beside You

The Guys Text You With Michael’s Phone

Cocky Much?

“You’re So Horny”

He Wants You To Dye Your Hair

He Feels Sick

Weird Mood

You Read Imagines About Him

Grey Blue Hair

Twenty One Pilots

Kinda Hot

Too Much Information

We’re Awesome

Bad Girlfriend

You Get An Happy Girlfriend

Wash My Back


School Sucks

Aquarium Date

Single For Too Long

Don’t Laff At Me

Bad Girl

I’ll Be Stupid With You

Rainy Days

Halloween Mood, A Scary Flower

She Thinks She’s Funny

Supportive Girlfriend

Maybe A Bite Because I Like You

The Coffee Shop Boy


Two Words





Drunk Texts From Your Ex Boyfriend Ashton

“Channing Tatum Is Like Really Hot”


Your Son’s Birthday

Best Friend Ashton Annoying You

Horny And Away

Lacking Hickeys

You’re Drunk

Build A Fort

I Don’t Even Know Anymore

Bad Gig

He’s Being Nice For Sex


Sad And Lonely

Fuckfriend Part Two

Chocolate Bar


You Make Him Feel Bad For Being Away

Which Outfit?

Yeah Same

Cuddly Calum

Boob Guy

He Wants A Puppy


“I miss this day”


He Misses Your Cooking

Getting A Fish

Not A Morning Person


Family Vacation

Not In The Mood

Best Friend Cal

Stop Being Cute

I like Idiots

Clingy af

I’m An Excited Puppy

Fucking Weirdo

Do You Like Flowers?

Cute Babies


Oh hi Michael

I Win Every Time

We’re Not Friends Anymore

Congrats Babe

It’s That Bad

Magazine Quiz

Assisting Tony Stark (Part 3)

After a long day and an even longer year, the reader meets Iron Man and loses their cool, resulting in Tony Stark making them his personal assistant.

Themes: dad Tony Stark, future romance with one of the Avengers, we’ll figure out who later

Warnings: None

Part One  ///  Part Two

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