I was talking to my sister about this today, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. My dad has been nothing but the perfect father, and he needs a new kidney. Most of my friends already know this because I’ve been posting about my dad’s bad kidnies for a few years now. The only thing really holding us back is paying for the surgery. It costs $1,200 for him to get it. I’ve opened a little page dedicated to this here

It has a button to donate at the bottom of the page. 

If you or anyone you know could possibly help by donating, please share this post and let them know! 


My family and I would be so greatful, I love my dad so much and I’m tired of seeing him sick and tired all the time. 


Aside from donations I’ll probably also open some ‘donation’ commissions as well where the buyer can pay what they want for the picture. I will do that as soon as I can.

Fruitees’ put Zamouns back together after a little accident, I dunno why but I wanted to draw him with one of the fake eyes. I dunno why he is being so creepy about it, maybe he is just like “Ew. Now which one of these is the right one >B(;;;” Haha!

Anyways I been feeling kind of unhappy about my art lately so I decided to try some new stuff on this, I didn’t go too crazy with new stuff or anything but I’m still happy with it so far haha XD

Anyways, enjoy that then.

I didn’t add Honey in with the pic dump because he is a new character that I wanted to talk about more. 

Honey just cracks me up, I just had this sudden inspiration for him and I freaking love it. He lives in a separate universe from my other anthros and I’m thinking it is going to be a bug only universe. Not totally sure… Need to think deeper into it. 

All I know is Honey is the prince bee of the hive and he thinks he is hot stuff. Although he is so pudgy sometimes it’s hard to fly, and sometimes if he eats too much he /can’t/ fly!

He loves to gorge on the honey for their hive and hang out with the pretty lady bees.

The queen bee tries to teach him right! She does her best haha! 

Which I think in my universe the queen be does NOT have babies all the time, but she does have a lot more then the normal bee lady. And not all of them are special. uou… 

Like I’ll decide how they can tell which ones become royal and which ones become nothing, later on. Right now I’m focusing on developing Honey. I also made him a moth friend, and I have a Cicada to get to as well XD So we’ll see.

Hope ya like Honey! 

So zazzle is having a sale, 50% off all water bottles (with this code: DRINKDEALS4U ) 

So I made this! I had to rush it because I have commissions to get to, plus it only lasts for today! XD 

I think this is super cute though, I think it will be an adorable water bottle haha!!