Many of you might already know (from our bombardment of photos on Instagram) that we flew over to India earlier this year for a brief post-uni respite in sunny, sandy Goa. 

After a 15 hour train journey from Baroda, we arrived and chilled out in a villa complex further into the mainland of the state. Most of our days were spent trying out delicious dishes and exploring the area, including many famous beaches. Our favourites were quieter spots in the North, particularly Mandrem, with it’s endless, wide stretch of clean sand and sparse, chilled-out beach-goers. 

We also managed to go crocodile watching along the eerie, narrow backwaters of Goa, and visit an organic spice farm where we (read: Aaminah) ended up spending half our holiday money buying essential oils and spices we will probably never use. 

After over-eating and getting a bit sick (typical) we decided against the epic train journey home (ten minutes before the train arrived) and haphazardly jumped on a couple of last minute flights back to Aaminah’s home base.

The journey back remains a delirious blur. 

India is always full of jokes and adventures, the best way to enjoy it is to just take the ride!

Hopefully we’ll be embarking on more TWO-BROWNGIRLS TRIPS soon!

Where should we go next?



One of India’s most famous, well loved and controversial artists, M F Husain, will have some of his last works exhibited in a special display at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 

The gallery will feature nine paintings from his ‘Indian Civilisation’ series during May, June and July this year. 

Hopefully we’ll get down to see it!

More info here

- S

Sajjan bin raatan hoiyan whadiyaan
Ranjha jogi, main jogiani, kamli kar kar sadiyaan
Maas jhurey jhur pinjer hoya, kadken lagiyaan haddiyaan
Main ayani niyoonh ki janan, birhon tannawan gadiyaan
Kahe Husain faqeer sain da, larr tere main lagiyaan

The nights are long without my beloved.
Since Ranjha became a jogi, I have scarcely been my old self; people everywhere call me crazy.
My young flesh is all wrinkled, my bones are a creaking skeleton.
I was too young to understand love; and now as the nights swell and merge into each other,
I play host to that unkind guest - separation.

—  Shah Hussain (1538–1599)


A week ago we went to see the talented Amina Khayyam perform Kathak with Iris Chan and Lucy Teed at Richmix. Watch the video to see the performance (and our faces, again.) 

- A&S x